2 Harihar Nagar

2 Harihar Nagar


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 02 April 2009

Movie Title

2 Harihar Nagar



Star Cast

Mukesh, Siddique, Ashokan, Jagadeesh, Lakshmi Rai

Just look at what these men can do! The funny four from Siddique-Lal's In Harihar Nagar, whose escapades have entertained almost everyone, are back with a bang after 18 long years! In 2 Harihar Nagar, they have grown older but their basic nature remains the same and that's perhaps the highlight of this movie, which is written and directed by Lal.

The best thing about the film is its engaging script that takes the viewer effortlessly along with the pace of its narrative. 2 Harihar Nagar has its heart in the right place and, more importantly, that?s quite evident on the screen. Supported by good editing, cinematography, good music and earnest performances, 2 Harihar Nagar gets the viewer absorbed straightaway.

Mahadevan (Mukesh), Govindankutty (Siddique) and Appukuttan (Jagadeesh) are well settled and return to Harihar Nagar for the wedding of Thomaskutty (Ashokan). There are 10 days to the wedding and they decide to become young at heart for that time?away from their wives. Soon, they are smitten by the charms of their beautiful neighbour Maya (Lakshmi Rai), whom they meet by chance, and that?s the beginning of their troubles.

The four actors fit into their characters, the ones they had given life to nearly two decades ago, with amazing ease. Mahadevan still takes key decisions within the gang and, though it is never mentioned, he remains the leader of the gang. Govindankutty is still a Romeo by nature, which is obvious in the first few moments itself. That Thomaskutty is less successful in his life is also evident and there?s the hope that perhaps things will change after his marriage. Appukuttan has become a doctor, but can dentistry make him more sensible?

Well, Lal decided to present them exactly the way we have known them earlier. The smart thinking of a gifted filmmaker is evident in the ingenious use of the music from the previous film and, also, in some of the characters as well. Like the one played by actor Appa Haja, who had to pump air into a flat tyre with his mouth in the first part. He is now a cop and, to the horror of the four, they land up at his station for their stupid acts and it's their turn to face the music!

The first half is full of wacky dialogues, situations and, in the second half, the terrific twist in the climax makes it a crackling show. 2 Harihar Nagar is just what intelligent filmmaking is all about and, no wonder, this delightful comedy is a winner from the word go. There is no need to leave your brain back home here?it will entertain the viewer with its right intentions and sincerity. So just grab some popcorn and watch it at the cinemas because it?s genuine fun.

Verdict: Simply Rocking

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