2 Penkuttikal

2 Penkuttikal



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 03 February 2016

Movie Title

2 Penkuttikal


Jeo Baby

Star Cast

Anna Fathima, Amala Paul (guest)

Director Jeo Baby’s 2 Penkuttikal is amateurish and cliched for sure but there is an inherent honesty about this one and the film has its moments for sure. 

The focus here is on two young girls, who are classmates in a convent school. While Aswathy comes from a poor family, Anagha is from an economically sound household. But such boundaries created by the world around them never affected their intimacy.

All along the narrative, there are statements about how the world is prejudiced against women and the restrictions imposed on girls are highlighted at several occasions. 

Aswathy’s drunkard father never bothers to take his daughter to a mall or a beach, though the kid always dream of going there. Anagha’s mom, a lawyer, is also busy with her own job. 

The kids then decide to go for a pleasure trip to explore their dream, on their own.

This film has its heart at the right place for sure, but with shoddy production values and in the absence of a genuine script, you have to wait for the fine moments here and there. 

In fact, the highlight of the film is the terrific performance by child artiste Anna Fathima, who plays Aswathy aka Achu. She is natural and steals your heart. Her dialogue delivery and innocence adds some worth to this film, which has been made like an extended short-film, at best.

Actors like Amala Paul and Tovino Thomas have been added without any definite plan and their scenes stick out like a sore thumb.

2 Penkuttikal is an effort in right earnest, but it is far from impressive as a full-length feature film. One gets a feeling that this one could have been much better, if the makers were really planning for a commercial release.

Still, at about 75 minutes, this one is watchable and the credit should go to the young actor, Anna Fathima. Watch this one for her!

Verdict: Honest attempt

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