2.0 Trailer: Big Bad Bird, Chitti & our expectations

Last Updated: Thu, Nov 08, 2018 11:23 hrs

What’s impressive about the 2.0 trailer right away is the villain. He’s big, bad, and bold would be an understatement. He’s a ginormous, vengeful, metal bird. It seems unlikely that anyone can take him on. Not even the shrewd Chitti. He may be ‘rebooted’ but his foe is formidable. And that’s what’s got us excited for November 29th. This is no face-off of the usuals - where everything is in favour of the hero. This time the scale is tipped towards the bad guy, and that takes Shankar’s latest to a whole new level.

But this film is as much about Chitti as it is about rogue cell phones. So much so that what would seem like a working title is a perfect descriptor for what’s to come. Superstar Rajinikanth of course, has his punch lines delivered in that inimitable style. Akshay Kumar really seems to have embraced a one-of-a-kind role to add to his increasingly diverse repertoire. Incidentally, his role was to be played Arnold Schwarzeneger. But due to scheduling conflicts, the role is Akshay’s. We’re not complaining. His avatar as a livid bird is singed into our minds! As for Amy Jackson, we suspect she is more than just eye-candy.

We’re especially keen to see the evolution of Chitti. Is he still the naive sentient robot? Or, is he one with a deeper understanding of the human mind and relationships? At a time when Lil Miquela has swamped our Instagram and brands vying for her, this doesn’t seem so far off the grid.

Also the context of the film seems timely. Cell phones have caused road deaths in the lakhs in India and millions across the world according to several reports. And let’s not forget the Selfie fatalities. We’re guessing the winged villain has a personal stake in teaching the addicted humans a lesson. But what caused it? A selfie stick or, a distracted call?

A battle Royale is brewing. Get a front-row seat on November 29th for what promises to be the spectacle of the year!