2011- Films which disappointed us this year

Last Updated: Mon, Jan 02, 2012 06:25 hrs

2011 has been a year of some small surprises and more than a few big disappointments (based on the talents of the people involved and the expectations they shattered)

Drawing up a list of films that were detested this year was no easy job.

Please remember that this list has no reflection on their box-office performances. These are our choices, and you’re welcome to disagree with them.

180-  Directed by ad filmmaker Jayendra, 180 was painfully predictable, and offers nothing original in its writing or treatment. No one figured out what the director was trying to say in the first place and it was impossible to find much love or good songs in this film publicised as a romantic musical.

Vedi - A shoddy remake of a Telugu action film, this Vishal-Sameera Reddy film was shot and packaged in a careless manner by director Prabhu Deva. The end result- it looked like a C-grade action film. The film didn’t work because it was hard to empathize with any of the characters and actors failed to rise above the flawed script.

7aum Arivu-Agreed the film is a hit and that too with its huge budget.  In the promos, director Murugadoss repeatedly said that viewers who saw Ghajini will get much more thrills and entertainment from this film. Going in with strictly those expectations, audiences came out felt cheated. 7 aum Arivu is a perfect example of how over-hype can kill a film. Expectations were sky-high especially when you have a dream combo like Suriya and AR Murgadoss, but somehow the film failed to deliver the goods.

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Venghai- Director Hari does not believe in changes be it the story, milieu, characters or even their looks. Every film of his looks like the previous one and Venghai was nothing but old wine with hardly any story or twists. The film failed to work as everybody from lead artist to technicians were bored with the proceeding and fell asleep.

Rajapattai – Even die-hard loyal Vikram fans came out of the theatres yawning as director Sussenthiran with an impeccable track-record failed to deliver the goods. The film misfired in all departments be it story, screenplay, twists or even music. 

Nadunisi Naaygal-  An interesting experiment that backfired. This forgettable thriller missed its goal and was a major disappointment as it came from the Gautham Menon stable. It suffered from a dull script, inane dialogues and was seen as crude and revolting. Neither slick nor fast-paced, the director went on an ego massage trip that failed to take off.