24 Kisses review: Could have been so much more!

A half-baked story about love and relationships

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Critic's Rating: 1/5

Tuesday 04 June 2019

Movie Title

24 Kisses review: Could have been so much more!


Ayodhya Kumar Krishnamsetty

Star Cast

Adith Arun, Hebbah Patel, Naresh, Rao Ramesh, Aditi Myakal

Anand (Adith Arun) and Srilakshmi (Hebah Patel) are in the creative world of filmmaking. Anand makes socially relevant films, while Srilakshmi is a Mass Communications graduate. The duo meet over a film project and love blossoms between the two.

Anand takes Srilakshmi by surprise and kisses her and the kissing spree continues for the next few months. The latter is naive and thinks that he loves her. But when she comes to know that Anand doesn't believe in love and marriage, she starts moving away.

Will Anand start realizing love for her? Does he really love her? Can he convince her to marry him? That's the rest of the story.

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Writer-director Ayodhya Kumar has delivered a half-baked story. We have seen quite a few stories where the male leaddoesn't believe in love or marriage and has ambitions to change the society. The heroine cries, the hero drinks (and thinks) about their relationship and has a change of heart. 24 Kisses follows the same formula and doesn't offer anything different.

Apparently, there's a psychological reason why Anand doesn't want to marry and have children. His sessions with a psychologist (Rao Ramesh) is wasted time.

Srilakshmi's character isn't etched well at all. Whenever she meets Anand, she wants to be kissed. Why? Because, someone wrote centuries ago that 24 kisses are divine! There's nothing wrong in exploring that idea, but it has to be visually poetic and the kisses have to be soulful. In the film, the kisses are over-dramatized and artificial...the kisses don't feel 'real' enough!

Anand's ideology is laughable - family is bondage and consensual sex is freedom. And that's how he has seen things for years (exactly how old is Anand in the film?)
However, like all routine love stories, he has a change of heart. The director doesn't explain the transformation through novel dialogues. He uses a montage song here and there, repeatedly, to escape from his responsibility of telling the actual story.

The heroine seems to take almost everything easily. No marriage, no children, not even love from the hero. But she doesn't show much pain on her face. Because she saw 'humanity' in him. Sounds absurd? Indeed it is.

The performances are underwhelming. Even Rao Ramesh is average. Naresh, Aditi Myakal and others are forgettable. Joi Barua's songs are too much to take in the second half. The visuals are unimpressive.

Despite its titillating premise, ultimately turns out to be a boring fest. You can predict how things will pan out very easily. A weak script that packs several lifeless scenes with pretentious scenes. The second half of the movie is a pill for insomniacs.

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