36 Vayadhinile

36 Vayadhinile



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 15 May 2015

Movie Title

36 Vayadhinile


Rosshan Andrrews

Star Cast

Jyothika, Rahman, Delhi Ganesh

Remaking a hit movie is like treading on a tight rope.

You have to repeat scenes which were well received in the original and do necessary changes to suit the nativity of the target audience. But when you have the supremely talented actress like Jyothika on board, she becomes the center of attraction and her presence will assure the desired result!

Who puts the expiry date on a woman's dream? This is one of the pertinent questions that 36 Vayadhinile asks. A warm welcome to Jyothika as she lives the role of a house wife, Vasanthi who sacrifices her dream for her husband Tamizh Selvan (Rahman) and 13-year-old daughter Mithila(Amirtha). The family is planning to migrate to Ireland but as Jyothika is over aged (36), she is denied visa and work permit.

Trouble starts for her when she gets an opportunity to meet the President of India where she ruins it by falling unconscious and becomes the butt of ridicule on Facebook. Her friends at work, family including daughter feels embarrassed about the whole mishap. Vasanthi finds herself in a vacuum when her husband and daughter do not need her anymore and decides to leave her and go to Ireland.

The rest of the film is about how Vasanti, inspired by her friend Susan David (Abhirami), decides to chase her dream in a fairy tale manner. Even if you have seen the original Malayalam version How Old Are You, you will still end up loving 36 Vayadhinile mainly because of two reasons - for the infectious energy of Jyothika who single handedly carries the film with her cute expressions. The actress also shines in the emotional sequences. The second reason is for the effortless dialogues of Viji which are filled with great sense of humor and hard hitting reality of women in our society. Rosshan Andrrews deserves a pat on his back for being faithful to his original and bringing back Jyothika back on screen.

Rahman has a small role and all the supporting cast is good. But Abhirami's Susan character is not convincing as Kaniha's role in How Old Are You. On the downside there is a docu-feel especially in the second half when Vasanthi's dream and success in life is rushed. Santhosh Narayanan's Vaadi Raasathi and Pogiren numbers add the feel good factor to the film and his background score effortlessly conveys the emotion.

Overall, 36 Vayadhinile is a better film than the most of the so called commercial movies and it is must watch for the family audiences who seek quality entertainment. There are some positive messages that the film conveys, which also need to be appreciated. Go for this one!

Verdict: Good

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