41 review: A watchable drama

41 could have been a whole lot more!

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Critic's Rating: 2.5/5

Monday 11 November 2019

Movie Title

41 review: A watchable drama


Lal Jose

Star Cast

Biju Menon, Nimisha Sajayan

One of the greatest topics of discussion after the announcement of Lal Jose' 41 was whether the movie will handle the social and political controversies that was hogging the headlines in connection with the Sabarimala issue.

But this one is treading on a totally different track or a "safe zone" and stays away from the issue, in a rather surprising way.

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Ullas (Biju Menon) is a teacher, a committed communist party worker and an atheist. He values the ideologies that he follow, at times in a silly way as it is seen in his romantic life.

He is madly in love with Bhagyasooyam (Nimisha Sajayan) but has to call off his wedding as some of the bride's relatives insisted on keeping a lighted lamp during the ceremony.

Then there is a drunkard named Kannan aka Vavachi (Saranjit), who lives in a modest house with his wife and a visually challenged daughter. Vavachi is a loving husband and also a Communist party worker, who is the target of some right wing groups following his involvement in a crime.

The story takes an interesting turn when Ullas has to accompany Vavachi as they go on a holy trip to Sabarimala.

There is an idea towards the end of the story, which is pretty interesting. But the journey till that point is a rather bumpy one. Lal Jose manages to pack it all in an interesting way, though the writing is a letdown. The visuals and the music are good.

Biju Menon has to keep a rather serious face almost throughout the story and he performs his part in a dedicated manner. Saranjith is a revelation and a performer worth looking forward to. Nimisha Sajayan has nothing much to do while Dhanya shines as Vavachi's wife, Suma.

41 could have been much more with better writing but in the current form has its own fine moments, which makes the movie an okay one time watch.

Verdict: Watchable

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