54321 review- Exhausting

54321 review- Exhausting



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 26 August 2016

Movie Title

54321 review- Exhausting


Raghavendra Prasad

Star Cast

Shabeer, Arvin, Ravi Raghavendra, Jayakumar

54321 is an amateurish attempt which turns out to be an exhausting film. The kind that leaves you feeling like you've run the marathon…but with none of the satisfaction, or the sense of achievement that comes with reaching the finish line.

But kudos to director Raghavendra Prasad as he is honest enough to credit movies like Babel, Aalavandhan, Old Boy and several Tarantino films, which is a rare thing in Tamil cinema.

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Vikram (Shabeer) and Vinoth (Aarvin) are childhood neighbors, when the latter joins the same class of the former, he supersedes in studies. Even Vikram’s dad and mom like the good nature of Vinoth whereas they treat their own son with too much of strictness, which creates a huge hatred among the duo. Vikram accidentally pushes Vinoth’s mom and she dies on the spot as a car hits her. Later, Vinoth moves to Vikram’s house and it only increases the enmity between them. At one point of time, Vikram plans to stab Vinoth but he accidentally kills his own mom and goes to Borstal School.

The rest of the film is all about how Vikram takes revenge against his strict dad, Vinoth and his wife by torturing them in a locked bungalow!

As said earlier, the idea is unique. Five characters (5), four lifestyles (4), three murders (3), two hours(2) and one revenge (1) is something looks very solid on paper but unfortunately the director could not present it in an engaging screenplay. Shabbeer is quite good as a mentally disturbed/psycho villain and the thief Jayakumar too has given a brilliant performance but the rest of the actors are cliched that their performances are dramatic!

In fact, Jayakumar’s portion is the best in the whole movie, this is what a good actor can do to a well intended film. May be, better actors and better dialogues would have definitely made this a watchable movie but sadly, things dont happen that way! Another laudable effort in the film is Joshua Sridhar’s music, which reminds us of watching old Alfred Hitchcock movies.

The final suggestion from us is that producers and directors should spend more time in writing and rehearsals, good ideas like 54321 shouldn't be wasted!

54321 review- Verdict:Exhausting

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