`7-G` hits the jackpot!

Last Updated: Mon, Oct 25, 2004 06:53 hrs

7-G Rainbow Colony has grossed Rs 6.27 Crore in its first week in Tamilnadu from 118 prints, which confirms it as a blockbuster in the making. The film made at a cost of Rs 3 Crore has turned profitable in its first week itself!

The trade feels that 7-G Rainbow Colony has the potential to be a bigger hit than Ghillli for producer A.M.Ratnam, considering the cost of production of the film. Added to that the crackdown on video piracy have benefitted the film to a very large extent. So far no pirated CD of the film is available in the market, and the family audiences are making a beeline to the theatres.

The youth who seem to enjoy the songs and the dances and are repeat viewers for the film . Another major advantage is that there is no competition till Diwali and it remains as the first choice of the audience.

Though five films are due for the festival, 7-G Rainbow Colony is likely to lead the pack .