A breezy entertainer: Rupa Manjari

Last Updated: Thu, Sep 24, 2009 03:57 hrs

This pretty young lady is making her debut in films with Sathyam Cinemas and Real Images debut production Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru. The bubbly Rupa Manjari is excited and nervous to how the audiences will react to her and the film. We catch up with the actress on the eve of the release about her, the film and her journey so far…

How did films happen?
My uncle works as an assistant to director KS Ravikumar sir. I was always interested in acting even when I was a kid. When the director of T4, Nandini JS was auditioning girls for this film, my uncle put in a word and I was called. She liked my audition and I was on the team!

How did your parents react?

They were apprehensive about the industry and did not want me to go into it initially. But after meeting the T4 team, their professional attitude and Nandini being a woman director, they became comfortable with the idea. So it all worked out for me!

What’s your role in the film?
It’s a romantic comedy and I play Archana. Ajmal and I both work in the same advertising company. However, he is a lazy and irresponsible guy and I am the opposite, bubby and a perfectionist. We don’t get along but how we come together to solve a crisis in the office is the story.

Why did you choose a Tamil film though you are from Bangalore?
I am a Tamilian though I was born and brought up in Bangalore. Very soon I would like to dub for my own films since I speak Tamil. But since I need to learn more about voice modulation etc my voice has been dubbed for this film.

How was it working with a woman director?

I could talk to her about anything and it being my first film and she being a woman I suppose it really was helpful in putting me at ease. But as director on the sets, the gender did not matter. Nandini was very meticulous and professional. I am very grateful to her. I learnt a lot from her.

How was it working with Mouli and Ajmal?
Mouli sir is so down-to-earth and helpful and his acting is amazing. One can’t help but just respond naturally to what he does, since he does it so effortlessly and naturally. Almost all the scenes in the film, I come with Ajmal and it was fun and we got along well. He gave me tips on camera angles and it was all very helpful. The fantastic chemistry between the lead actors and the crew has translated into a fun filled, breezy romantic comedy, which can be watched with the entire family.