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Thursday 22 October 2009

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Suriya, Nayanthara, Rahul Dev, Murali, Saroja Devi

If laughter is the best medicine along with mass masala items, then veteran director KS Ravikumar has earned his stripes again with Aadhavan. Add Suriya, who looks sensational in a role that has negative shades and lots of comedy. The actor manages to pump some clean fun and make it the ideal family entertainer for Diwali.

The wafer-thin storyline depends more on Suriya?s star power to cruise through two hours and 45 minutes. Aadhavan (Suriya) is a hired assassin who works in tandem with Ibrahim Rowther (Sayaji Shinde) and his son (Anand Babu) in Kolkata. Justice Subramaniyam (late Malayalam actor Murali), is about to give his final judgment in an organ trade case where hundreds of children died due to the greed of a doctor, Abdul Kulkarni (Rahul Dev).

Kulkarni approaches Rowther with a contract to kill the judge and Aadhavan starts his next mission. But for the first time in his life, the ace assassin misses his mark and Aadhavan, through the help of Bannerji (Vadivel), comes into close contact with the Judge?s large family consisting of his mother (Saroja Devi), niece Tara (Nayanthara) and others. Soon Aadhavan finds out certain dark secrets and also develops a soft corner for Tara. Finally, the hunter turns hunted as the film hurtles towards the climax.

Only problem with Ramesh Kanna?s story is that it does not have a single original bone in its body, and is inspired from various movies. The film moves at a leisurely pace in the first half (92 minutes), depending mainly on Suriya and Vadivel's bickering. The story does not move forward. The second half is racy (73 minutes), despite a predictable climax. The Kollywood mass hero turns into a one-man fighting machine and saves his loved ones after doing the impossible.

The music of Harris Jayaraj is hummable, though the placement of songs just does not gel with the narration, with Hasili Fisili and Yaeno Yaeno in the second half, which looks alike. The action scenes of Kanal Kannan and Franz Spilhaus are sensational, especially the hit and run chase picturised in Kolkata in the first half. Also, Ganesh?s camerawork has sheen. The special effects job where Suriya is transformed into a 10-year-old look realistic.

It is an out and out Suriya show. The film rides on the magic of the actor, and his zany shenanigans alone makes it worth a watch. Nayanthara looks beautiful and classy, and for a change, her glamour image has not been exploited. She comes across as the girl-next-door. Murali, in his last film, puts up a convincing performance while Saroja Devi as the Paati is okay with her trademark, excessive make-up. Vadivel is a scream and is present throughout the film.

Ranging through a wide field of comedy laced with action, Aadhavan is good fun while it lasts. It?s a roller-coaster ride of pure unadulterated masala.

Verdict- Have Fun

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