Aadukalam heroine Taapsee chats with fans

Last Updated: Thu, Jan 13, 2011 09:16 hrs

Hello there... welcome to Sify

hiiiiiii everyone!!!!!! shoot your questions!!!!!!

Hi ..Who is ur favourite actor in Tamil film Industry Ajith or Vijay?

so far il b loyal to my movie n say dhanush


2 u 2.... njoy pongal wid aadukalam

hi tapsee u look grt

thanq so much.

W? does your name mean?

my name means TAPASVINI or a female meditator

what do u think is the advantage of working in the Kollywood industry?

you get 2 play roles very near 2 real life in kollywood. lot of substance in stories n character here dats y

Hi Taapsee, very cute as u r name...What is that coincidence that made u to enter into films?

thanq so much e1 i love my name. no coincidence made me come here. i was modellin fr a while b4 i entered in2 moviesd love fr doin different things every new day made me come here

How was it working with dhanush?

dhanush is an amazing costar 2 wrk wid. as expected frm a senior an an experienced costar he really helped me wrkin on my tamil n acting skills

Happy Pongal and all the best for your second film

thank u so much. wishes fr pongal 2 u 2. 

What is your new film on? What's the kind of role you play?

my frst ever movie is aadukalam.... strangely it took a lot of time to come on big screeni play an anglo indian who is a very sober and a matured female. 

r u interested in continuing u r films in industry or else do u have any plan to return to APPLE

i wanna stay here fr as long as possible n as long as my audience wanna c me. dnt wanna quit workin here.

Is there any role that you wish you could have done?

i wanna do all types of roles

Hi. Have you studied acting?


hav u ever experienced any thrill adventure during shooting,or in real life

shooting is always full of thrill n adventure

r u n facebook, can v sify users can join in friends list of yours

im on twitter

without knowing tamil hw did u manage to act in Aadukalam,even though u r playind a french girl,u should have known Tamil to understand dat,explain u r experience abt dat

i jst hav 2 wrk hard dats all i can say... nothin is difficlt if u really wanna do it

What languages do you speak? How good are you with Tamil and Telugu?

i spk hindi english n punjabi.. hav caught quite a bit of telugu n wrkn on tamil nw

Where are you based? In the south or in Delhi?

delhi bt nw im more in south india fr wrk

What do you do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies?

i dnt hav free time so wenevr i get time i wanna either sleep or shop

If you are from the north, why didn't you try your luck in Bollywood?

coz south gave me much btr roles n scripts n characters 2 wrk wid

do u know to cook

lil nt very well

How do you prepare for each role and get into the skin of the character?

jst discuss it wid d director n come prepared wen i come on sets

Are you a diretor's actor? Or do you have a take on how you want to do your roles?

since m new in dis industry m a director's actor fr nw. slowly il learn

why dont u try at boolywood

i wil do it if i get a good chance fr sure

Was it a childhood dream to become an actress? And how is the reality compared to the dream?

no thr was no childhood dream like dis

So far which is best in your life part as a Engineer or Acter

havnt really worked as an engineer so cant say bout dat

Hey... love your curls! Didn't you have any problem with them? I see all the actresses straightening their hair now.

i consider my hair as my assets

wen wl u get married,do u hav any dream boyz or character,how u r bride should be

long way to go fr dat

hey beauty,i heared dat u r an employee in APPLE and developed some applications for APPLE,den y did u leave dat great oppurtunity

i was an emplyee for infosys... n i developed an iphone app

What are all things u have missed as a actress? and gains as a actress?

ive jst started mayb few yrs down d line i will b able 2 answer dis qs. 

what is different as a actrees & normal Tapsee

normal taapsee is high on life always n on screen taapsee shows u diffrnt shades of a woman

You are stunning and beautiful:)


You are from GTBIT??


Tel abut ur family?

i have mom dad n younger sister in my family

Hai howz your film Aadukalam and howz Madurai

u tell me hws d movie aftr seeing it n madurai is an ethnic city

hi tapsee ur superb in jummandi nadam wats ur next projects in tollywood

vasthadu naa raju by jan end

Tapsee, u r so beautiful


R u model?

i was

I dont feel you much glamourus.But some thing appealing..whats that in u?

dat u shud tell me aftr u c me in d movie

How do you feel?, new career path, great adoration from people all around, more people recoganising on the streets, and the film yet to release. Excited, nervous or calm head?

nervous coz thr r many expectations riding on me n ive 2 prove a lot

would you be in australia for any shoot's soon?

i jst shot in australia sydney fr a telugu movie called mr perfect

U look adorable, when is vastadu na raju releasing?

jan end....

Please do more and more glamorous roles in future:)

hahahaha. il do all types of roles

what difference you find between real and reel life?

its very much related. cinema is just a reflection of real life espl in tamil

hi tapsee, where are u from?


whats ur next movie

vadhaan vendraan

Hi Tapasee...Heard U created an application for the Iphone...could u b more specific on wat u did? I am inquisitve because even I am a SW engineer duing my Masters in the US nw..

yes i made fontswap application fr iphone in mu final yr of engineering. 

hi Tapasee , you are really so beautifull, I am your hardcore fan


What did you discover about Vetrimaran while filming the film? Was it difficult to get into the skin of Irene?Tell us about Irene the character you play?

vetri sir is a very calm n composed director n wen u wrk wid him u wont feel d pressure or d fact dat he is makin a movie of great stature. irene was difficlt 2 do coz m personally totally opposite 2 dat character. irene is a very sober matured n calm character who doesnt talk much 

You are really so cute, I have seen you once , How you are maintaing you figure

hahahaha. if u c me in aadukalam u wont think i was maintaining it at dat time 

Being a Punjabi, What you think about tamil people and the movies??

very diffrnt bt very interesting at d same time. i love wrkn in movies n scripts here

hello, nice to chat wit u..ur real name pls...

taapsee is my real name. n m proud of dat

I am sreekanth. I think ur character Irene Clauge will rock? wat abt Vanthaan Vendraan? Anjana is fine rite?

yes m irene claude in aadukalam n anjana in vandhaan vendraan. 2 characters r very diffrnt in their look and character d nly thng similar is both r very sensitive n sober matured characters

I have seen some songs in that movie. U looks pretty. I think u have a very good role in this film. U are a luckiest star. What abt doubles? Ur future plans?

yes i m very lucky. doubles is d movie m doin wid mammootty my debut movie in malyalam industry. in future i look fwd 2 equally good n interestin roles n scripts

Are you a foodie ??Your favorite Indian dishes.? How to you churn out fat from your body.

yesss ma big foodie dat 2 i love street food. i love all chaats n spicy dishes. n 2 churn out fat i keep wrkn out wenevr i get time i never compromise on food

I believe you were doing tv serials in north india.. then why bollywood is not consider you as a heroine..? In south india any girls import from north india acting as a heroine... you accept this..?

i wasnt actin in ne serials b4 i came here. its my frst ever trial to act..... and d girls are got here according to d look d directors need fr their character and nt coz they r north indians

off late there is a beeline entry of models hitting the silver screen.Do you think they are equipped enough to have a full fledged acting carrier?

not every1 can be kept at d same level.... bt just because de came frm modelling its nt fair to look at dem being nt groomed enuf 2 act. i hope i prove it wrng

Do you think vetrimaran has extracted the best out of you in aadukalam.Name few directors u love to work with in tamil.

YES he surely extracted out a lot frm me. i wud love 2 wrk wid mani ratnam sir in d future

HI Tapsee, How did the transformation from a engineering graduate to mainstream movie actress happen for you?

very gradual... frm engineerin to modlling to acting

What you Say About Superstar Vijay?

hav never met him bt hav heard he dances really well.. lookin fwd 2 wrkn wid him in d future

Are you in Facebook or Twitter? if So Give Link Please

on twitter.. u can follow me my username is taapsee

What is Special in Aadukalan , Any new Things? or?

yes I AM NEW in aadukalm n dats what is special bout d movie as well... lol.... bt on a serious note watch it fr d director's wrk more than any1 else

hey beautiful..where ur origin from?..happy ponggal to u..

im frm delhi. n a very happy pongal 2 u 2

hi there..u look gorgeuos.. i plan to steal ur heart..wut do u say?..

hahahah. sure.... u r always open to try ur luck

What's your state of mind now?

nervous... as expected..... bt im more excited 2c d audience response

Any idea of working with the top guns of kollywood like rajini, kamal, vijay?

sure.... if i get a chance y nt

What do you do during pongal season usually and how different is it gonna be for you this year?

well pongal in south means lohri festival in north... n being a punjabi i celebrate it in an ethnic way at my place bt dis yr il celebrate it watchin my frst ever movie wid my audience

How hopeful are you on the success of your project this pongal with kavalan being released as well?

im sure dis movie will b appreciated fr all d hardwrk we all have put in espl vetri sir, m jst hopin ppl notice me in dis race of big stars dis pongal

Hey! You and hansika are making your debuts in kollywood this year. In my view both of you stand great chances to make it big this year, so do you see her as your competitor as both of you have the best of projects in the pipeline?

well... she is much more senior 2 me where wrk is concerned. u cannt compare both of us. il always c her as my senior as she has done hindi n telugu n im jst startin

Hello! How r u doing?

doing what???? lol.... m good hope u r DOING great as well

wats ur fav colour and wats ur fav dresss dear

yellow, red all bright colors i like. n i love wearing cotton dresses....

wats ur dream role....or do u believe in big heroes or big projects

my dream role is to take up all different roles wid diffrnt actors. i want my audience to b ready to c me in not so conventional roles

wat r ur fav places in chennai

i love beaches so il b arnd beach everyday wenevr im in chennai

u love to be an actress or a software engineer

now i cant see myslf doin nethn else than being an actress.....

wats the secret of ur beauty

be happy frm inside it will reflect outside

would tou prefer love marriage or arranged marriage

love marriage which my parents will arrange

hav u seen any tamil films and who is ur fav tamil actor and actress

yes i hav though very few. out of d very few ive seen i really admire dhanush's reality in his actin skills n suriya's class n attitude

what made you to come to south indian cinema rather than bollywood

good scripts, good character n great ppl attracted me here frst

you are such a rage even before your first film! doesn't happen for everyone!

dats what i said, i m very lucky. i hope d rage increases aftr d movie release

in the cinema industry, do people speak more of truth or lies? don't say true lies :)

hahahhaa. il say both coz v dnt wanna hurt d hearts of ppl so v hav 2 say lies at times

would you have a cup of tea with a true fan of yours?

hahahaha...... sure....

congrats on choosing your first tamil film with a great actor and director

yessssss i knw m very very lucky

what was your biggest surprise once you entered cinema?

that ppl here are just like any other human in the country n filmstars also have a normal life

do you think skin show is a compromise?

not 2 become a good actor fr sure

i would like to take a snap with you :)

hahaha. sure. netime u catch hold of me arnd u can always come up n ask

you are extremely cute :)

thanq.... wait 2 c d movie hope u find othr adjectives 2 say bout me

Any directors who you really want to work with in Tamil (other than Mani Ratnam and Shankar)?

frankly speakin my goal of comin in2 dis industry is 2 act under mani ratnam sir fr once, b4 dat m nt leavin dis industry. bt if u dnt want dis answer then linguswamy sir

Who's your favourite amongst Vijay, Suriya, Vikram and Ajith?

suriya not for any specific reason bt i wanna act wid all of em

What is your favourite Tamil film? (except Endhira/Robot)

havnt seen many movies in tamil so far bt i loved my team's wrk in polladhavan

Which contemporary tamil actor would you like to act with in the near future?

suryaaaaaa....... but i wanna act wid every1 as i wanna stay here fr long