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Sunday 14 February 2010

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Dileep, Sathyaraj, Charmy

With almost every emotion in the book being played in good measure, director Kamal's Aagathan takes you on a jolly good ride. It's a kind of a harmless entertainer, which means it is just fine but doesn't have much of an impact on you. That, if you don't care about the holes in the plot and decides to go with the flow.

Of course, on second thoughts you would feel that it could have been great with a tighter script and some imaginative storytelling. Still, even in the current form the story moves ahead in a brisk pace, mainly due to its fantastic visuals, good music and rather 'reasonable' length of just above two hours.

Gautham Menon (Dileep), the CEO of a company, meets a management student Shreya (Charmy) during a bus journey. Though she hates him initially, they soon fall for each other. She takes him to their farmhouse to meet her parents, Retd. Gen.Hardeendra Varma (Sathyaraj) and Malathi Thampuratti (Zareena Wahab).

Everyone in the family likes Gautham instantly and agrees to his marriage with Shreya. But soon Varma is in for a shock, as he learns that his daughter's beau has done it all deliberately to seek revenge. It had to do with certain incidents that happened years back when Varma was the leader of a commando operation in Kashmir. Gautham's family lived there as well, during that time. Now the story takes some dramatic twists and turns.

It is tough to explain the flaws in the story without revealing some of the suspense elements in it. The film's first half is mostly about how Gautham and Shreya fall in love. Things actually begin to happen during the second half and it is exactly when the script start losing its grip. The reason for Gautham's hatred for Varma, which we won't reveal now, is rather unbelievable and shocking.

Gautham has smartly planned things but at several junctures we feel that he is surprisingly na?ve. The climax of the film has been messed up and the storyline generally moves on highly predictable lines. The backdrop of the story has traces of inspiration from Vidhu Vinod Chopra's Mission Kashmir, but there is not much similarity in the storyline as such.

Dileep looks convincing in his role and though he tries to be more serious, there are glimpses of his likeable humour at times. Charmy looks pretty and cute, but has nothing much to do in the second half. But it is Tamil hero Sathyaraj who is absolutely impressive with a fine performance. He carries off the role as an army officer in a charming way, looks elegant and plays his character according to the demands of the script.

Lal has rather brief role, but he succeeds in making a definite impact as well. The rest of the cast including Biju Menon, Innocent, Zareena Wahab and Shilpa Bala have done their parts quite well.

The highlight of the film is Ajayan Vincent's mesmerizing visuals and Ouseppachan's melodious tracks. The film looks colourful, fresh and the locations are breathtakingly beautiful.

In the end, Aagathan can easily qualify as a watchable film and that itself may be a great achievement in Malayalam nowadays. Yet one feels that it would have worked well, with a better script. Go without much expectation and chances are that you will find the film, quite enjoyable.

Verdict: Watchable

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