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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Thursday 15 January 2015

Movie Title



Sundar C

Star Cast

Vishal, Hansika, Santhanam, Prabhu, Ramya

There isn?t one quiet moment in Sundar C?s Aambala, a masala comic entertainer which is purely targeted at audiences seeking mindless actioners laced with family sentiments, comedy and plenty of glamour.

Saravanan (Vishal) is a jobless, carefree easy-going Mr Nice Guy who falls head-over-heals in love with Maya (Hansika). Rajasekar (Santhanam), an inspector who had an eye on Maya hires Vaibhav to spilt the pair as he got suspended due to Vishal?s unintentional actions. Later we all come to know that Vaibhav is Vishal?s brother and they also happen to meet their father Prabhu who is has another son Sathish.

Now Prabhu narrates a flashback on why he and his wife got separated, also conveys his wish on re-uniting with his sisters? family and for that Vishal, Vaibhav and Sathish should marry the daughters of Prabhu?s sisters (Ramya Krishnan, Aishwarya and Kiran Rathod). Incidentally, Hansika is the daughter of Ramya Krishnan and the rest of the story tells us whether both family reunite again or not.

The biggest strength of Aambala is Sundar C?s packaging, a cocktail of harebrained plot, exhausting action scenes, and crass humor. The movie has some gravity-defying stunts, clich? family drama, stereotypical characterization and plenty of punch dialogues.

Performance wise, Vishal is full of energy and he slips nicely into tough-guy mode. He is taking on multiple armed bullies, kicking, punching, whacking them into pulp, dancing with his pretty lady or mouthing lengthy dialogues non-stop at a stretch.

It is Hansika who is the best thing in the film, sliding into her role of Maya with complete ease. She?s natural and charming without having to try too hard. She is at her glamourous best especially in the two foreign location songs. Her costumes and make up are to the T and in short, seems to be the right choice these days for a perfect heroine in commercial entertainers.

There is nothing much to write about the supporting cast as they all have insipid roles. Technically,Gopi Amarnath?s cinematography is eye-pleasing while Hip Hop Tamizha?s peppy tunes make the film extra energetic. Overall, Aambala is purely targeted at masses. If you leave your logic minds at home; there are chances that you might enjoy this ride.

Verdict: Strictly for masses

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