'Aandavan Kattalai' album is my personal milestone, says K

Last Updated: Tue, Oct 04, 2016 09:32 hrs
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Last week’s release ‘Aandavan Kattalai’ has been reaping high critical acclaim. Sify.com had a chat with the movie’s composer K who is elated by the response to the film & its music. Here are the excerpts:

How happy are you with the response to both the movie & the music of Aandavan Kattalai?
I am very happy with the responses that have poured in. This is by far the maximum positive response that I've received for any album post ‘Yudham Sei’. That kind of makes this very special. So, Aandavan Kattalai will be up there for me as a personal milestone. Working with a National Award Winning Director has made this album extra-special.

All of Manikandan’s works have by far got great critical acclaim. How did he rope you in after his first two ventures?
I did the music for ‘Kirumi’ which was directed by Anucharan. Manikandan was involved in that project as a writer. Through ‘Kirumi’, we hit it off. Before ‘Aandavan Kattalai’ took off, he called me one day & discussed about the idea of this project.

Do you think making music for mainstream commercial movies has more scope to churn out hit numbers than doing music for ‘realistic’ cinema as you need to cater to the movie’s demands more in the latter?
In my case, my work is just starting to come out. I am starting to get more visibility only now. I don’t think it matters. When the music works & if the audience like them, they get a bigger reach. A composer has to compromise in both the cases. So, I don’t think it matter what type of movies we do.

In ‘Aandavan Kattalai’ , a lot of songs had a tinge of fusion. Was it your idea or the director’s to incorporate those elements in the music ?
It is a mix of both. The director planted that idea pertaining to the approach of the film. Then, I started to prepare myself slightly different. I started recording folk artists to use them for the film. But the film shifted gears and we couldn't dwell on that idea further.

Since you work in multiple languages, do you feel the need to adjust constantly to the sensibilities according to each industry? 
Everything depends on the content. Every content has a certain emotion attributed to it. The storylines that I work at a particular time may be drastically different. The genres might differ & the languages too. I worked on ‘Kammatipadam’, ‘Aandavan Kattalai’ & ‘Ghazi’ around the same time. I feel there ain’t much difficulty adjusting to the different languages. 

What are some of your upcoming projects that we can expect?
Ammani is my next in Tamil. It is directed by Lakshmi Ramakrishnan with whom I am associating after Aarohanam. The album is expected to be out by October. There is a Vaikom Vijalakshmi’s track in that album – a classical fusion. I want the audience to listen to that number. Also, I am working on the Hindi/Telugu bilingual ‘Ghazi’ which stars Rana & Taapsee.