Aaruthra review: Amateurish attempt which fails to create any impact

Pa.Vijay tries to deliver a message against child abuse with 'Aaruthra' but he fails big time due to poor execution

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 31 August 2018

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Aaruthra review: Amateurish attempt which fails to create any impact



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Pa.Vijay, Yuva, SA Chandrasekhar

By Moviebuzz

Lyricist turned actor Pa.Vijay also directs his new film Aaruthra which talks about child abuse and how the protagonist takes up the vigilante route to punish the criminals with the mask of Lord Shiva.

Shiva/Sivamalai (Pa.Vijay) runs an antique shop in Chennai but he also secretly kidnaps bigwigs and brutally murders them. In Shiva’s apartment complex, there is a detective named Avudaiyappan (Baghyaraj) who was called by senior cops for another man missing case but later he gets to know that Shiva is the man behind all the crimes. Cut to the flashback, Shiva has an emotional story and tells Avudaiyappan that he kidnapped all those rich people because they sexually abused and raped a kid.

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The subject handled by Pa. Vijay in Aaruthra is socially relevant but in a film which deals with child abuse why to sketch Bhagyaraj’s character as a pervert who runs behind attractive women? In a scene, Bhagyaraj derogatorily scans a woman cop and other women in the film also are seen sporting revealing costumes which spoils the intended message of the film.

The making itself is amateurish that just like old MGR movies, screens and CG shots are used to match up the backdrop. The lip sync in many scenes was also compromised. Though the flashback portions worked to an extent, scenes depicting child abuse has been gorily captured that makes us squirm in our seats.

Vidyasagar’s Chellama Chellam is a hummable number but nothing much to rave about his background score. Cinematography by Sanjay Loknath is also not up to the mark. As a protagonist, Pa.Vijay shines in the flashback scenes but he couldn’t carry the action hero image and the rest of the actors including Bhagyaraj, SA Chandrasekhar Y Gee Mahendran and Vignesh are adequate. On the other hand, Yuva who acted as the sister of Pa.Vijay in the film is impressive.

Though Pa.Vijay’s intention to deliver a message against child abuse is laudable, the film fails big time in the execution part.

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