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Thursday 13 January 2005

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Prashanth, Sneha,Vadivelu, Mansoor Ali Khan

It seems strange that while the rest of Tamil film industry is busy changing colours, growing bolder and braver, one wonders why actors like Prashanth resort to old fashioned stories with clich?d dialogues, presentation and an outdated climax like his latest Aayudham! The film looks like a poor man?s Ghilli and the story is as old as the hills with no semblance of either style or substance.

Your heart bleeds for Prashanth who is an immensely talented and hardworking actor with great potential being relegated to B grade action film like Aayudham where the script does not allow him enough leeway. The idea of director M.A Murugesh to present the hero as a guy joining medical college, (So is Prashanth a 19-year-old in the film?) is absolutely ridiculous as it has nothing to do with the story !

Shiva (Prashanth) is a nice guy, son of a policeman (Rajesh) who fights injustice where ever he sees it. He gets admission in Medical College and the family shifts from Tuticorin to Chennai. He meets Maha (Sneha) and is smitten by her beauty at the first sight, and soon she too likes his good nature. The city is controlled by Naga, a ?dada? who has an obsessive love for Maha and wants to marry her though her family lives in constant fear as he is a cold-blooded killer. Naga has a roaring business in adulterated petrol and he runs his business with the support of Police Commissioner and politicians!

Naga bumps off anyone who even speaks to Maha and all hell break loose when he comes to know that Shiva and Maha are in love. Now Shiva becomes the protector of Maha and her family and how he goes about it forms the rest of the predictable yarn. To please the B and C audiences there are enough song ?n?dance numbers at regular interval shot in the streets of London. In the climax, Shiva the one-man army demolishes Naga and his men and walks away with Maha.

Perhaps the redeeming factors are Kanal Kannan?s action sequences and the love angle between Prashanth and Sneha in the first half. Prashanth has given his best while Sneha has nothing much to do but dance with the hero in a couple of songs. Dhina?s mass songs fails to impress and on the whole Aayudham is strictly for audience who like to get some entertainment in the form of action, glamour and Vadivel comedy track packaged in an outdated story.

Verdict: Below Average

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