Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 23 February 2015

Movie Title



Satish Pradhan

Star Cast

Pooja Gandhi, Makaranda Deshpande, Srinagara Kitty

Controversy + great storyline+ biopic+ steamy sequences= Abhinethri, well this can be called as the one line description of the most controversial film of the year! After coming out of the theatre one might even wonder why the movie had to go through so many controversies.

With 'Abhinethri', Pooja has turned producer, apart from essaying the key-role. Biopic is strangely very attractive to film makers as well as the audience, as it helps one see through the life of a person, who has only shown the glamourous and rosy life style for ages. Biopic of an actress is cheesier as it has every element; every film-enthusiast wants to know- controversies, affairs with film fraternity, love failures, addiction over drugs, dark-hidden side of personal life and more; and 'Abhinethri' shows them all.

'Abhinethri', a not-so-real story, inspired by veteran actress Kalpana, has every element mentioned above. Nanda(Pooja Gandhi) enters the film industry as she is the sole- bread earner of her family. The industry, which is filled with high-headed people, welcomes the beautiful Nanda with both the hands. But once she enters in and tries to get comfortable, that is when she encounters a lot of unfit men. Everytime she falls in love, she gets her heart broken.

The popular actress, who has lakhs of fans outside, suffers from loneliness and depression deep inside, craving for love and miserably ends her life. The story, unlike every biopic is a well-known story, which is presented in the right way.

Pooja Gandhi has literally become ?Kaplana? for the film. She has dared to do many sequences which many actress still consider as ?forbidden? which comes as an added advantage for the film. The movie gives many shades from the life of ace actress Kalpana. From sporting a mole on the neck to grooving for Tam nam with Srinagara Kitty, playing a damsel in distress, Pooja Gandhi is at her best. Her co-stars, who play her love interest- Makaranda Deshpande, Atul Kulkarni and Ravi Shankar have fit into the roles perfectly. The movie succeeds in capturing the dark side of the film industry in detail.

Satish Pradhan has excelled in his debut and the retro choreography, throughout the film scores full marks. Pooja has donned the role extremely well. Mano Murthy?s catchy tunes are a hit especially Abhinethri Horateya, makes every viewers eyes wet.

There is everything in the film- emotions, drama, action, romance, comedy, love, addiction, failure, depression and more. The movie is definitely a must watch and if you are a Kalpana fan, make sure you don?t miss this one!

Verdict: Good

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