Acha Din

Acha Din



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 18 July 2015

Movie Title

Acha Din


G Marthandan

Star Cast

Mammootty, Mansi Sharma

Director G Marthandan’s Acha Din is about a man from Jharkhand, who has come to Kerala with his wife, some two decades back and made this land his home. 

Durgaprasad (Mammootty) had to elope with his wife Sheethal (Mansi Sharma), who belongs to a higher caste, from Jharkhand then. He loves Kerala, works in a mall and wants to live here in a colony as a Malayali. He speaks fluent Malayalam, though his pregnant wife is not that competent. 

Even if you are glued to the screen from start to finish, it is never easy to understand what the makers of the film was trying to convey through this one, other than silly scenes created just to eulogize the hero. 

Every two minutes or so we are reminded that Mammootty is the hero. His character, Durgaprasad usually watches Mammootty and Mohanlal movies on the first day, we are told. Then there are Dulquer Salmaan’s posters to entertain you as well and lots of ads related to the star.

Of course, the hero can do anything and we, as the hapless viewers, are supposed to believe it all. He is treated badly by a corrupt cop in the ‘Janamythri Police Station’ and when he is in need of some money, he is asked by the cop to find some absconding criminals shown in his computer screen. 

One glance and the hero find a terrorist on a deadly mission, in the street. The terrorists belong to a particular community and they are going around ready to die, chanting ‘Jai Jihad’.

With an absurd storyline but also with some specific political agenda to appease certain groups, the makers of the film show scant regard for the viewer. The investigations to snatch the members of a terrorist group are confined to a room and a few computer screens, while the hero easily does the tough job to perfection going around in a cycle.

It is a lazily executed film and less said about the performances, the better. 

Among the lead pair, Mammootty looks handsome for sure, but sleepwalks through the role without much effort. Mansi Sharma has to play the pretty wife and nothing more. 

Acha Din has evidently been made eyeing the satellite rights with limited expenses, which would easily ensure that this becomes a profitable venture. Those who have made profits can be happy, but it is a pity that the viewer is taken for a ride in the process. Watch this one solely at your own risk.

Verdict:  Average

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