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Monday 27 August 2012

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Taman Kumar , Aishwarya, Reethu Mangal, Mahandhi Sankar

Acharyangal seems to be a film with a relatively new cast and crew and despite its shortcomings, seems to leave a mark of sorts. The film begins on a flashback mode just before the climax.

The story centers around a bunch of students who are lamenting that their carefree college days are over. The hero Karthik ( Taman Kumar) is particularly bugged with God and keeps asking him to spice up his life in some way and also to give him a power that will enable him to see the future. What happens when God suddenly decides to answer his rantings and grant him his wishes is the story.

Suddenly Karthik finds himself overwhelmed with huge problems relating to his family, work and love life even involving a murder or two. As they mount up and his life spirals to oblivion, he has an accident and now the story cuts into the present leading to the climax, which is left largely open to the viewers and a puzzle to the hero himself.

What works in favour of the film is the humour angle that?s present throughout. Even the villains do their job with gusto only to raise laughs from the audience with their witty one liners and punch lines.

Credible performances from all the actors is another plus though Taman could well take some emoting lessons for certain scenes. What?s commendable is the way the debut director has tried to tell a different story instead of the usual formula of romance and action.

It?s a family film with a breezy screenplay and keeps you gripped all through. The actors are well chosen and cast in various roles and there is none of the usual loud dialogue and melodrama associated with family films.

But the downside is the TV serial kind of feeling that pervades the film all through. The camerawork too adds to that effect somehow. The music by Renigunta fame Ganesh is passable.

Verdict : Average

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