Actress to take legal action against Dileep’s remarks?

Last Updated: Wed, Jun 28, 2017 09:27 hrs
Dileep in 'Ramaleela'

Dileep’s remarks during a TV channel debate has sparked off a new controversy.

While explaining his side of the story, Dileep made some comments about Pulsar Suni and the actress which has made her to issue a statement mentioning a possible legal action.

Dileep had said that director Lal told him about the actress knowing Pulsar Suni during the shooting of Honey Bee 2 in Goa. Lal has clarified that it was a small unit that went to Goa for a day’s shooting of the film. Suni was the driver. So everyone in the set knew each other and that’s all he meant.

The new forum for female artistes and technicians in Malayalam film industry, Women in Cinema Collective, has also issued a statement condemning the remarks made against the victim.