Adada Enna Azhagu

Adada Enna Azhagu


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 20 March 2009

Movie Title

Adada Enna Azhagu


Adada Enna Azhagu

Star Cast

Akash Jai, Nicole, Aishwarya, Ashish Vidyarthi, Rekha, Sarath Babu

Among a spate of thrillers, action and village stories to hit screens in recent times, Adada Enna Azhagu is an all out city based romantic story and makes no pretence of being anything else. But the formula is the age-old one of a dad who throws a spoke in the wheel of true love. Add to that a mental hospital and a pair of doctors makes it a tedious affair.

Vasan ( Akashjai) is the son of Dr Vaikam ( Sarath Babu), who runs a mental hospital. Vasan falls in love with co-student Nisha (Nicole) at his medical college. But before he can declare his love, she is kidnapped by goons and lands up in his dad?s hospital as a mental patient. Of course the good doctor can cure her; he has just discovered that love and care can cure any mental illness. But his son is way ahead of him and cures her by singing just one song!

Things move at a leisurely pace with a grateful defense minister ( Ashish Vidhyarti) who is the girls dad, offering them anything in return for saving his daughters life. However he goes berserk when he realizes his daughter wants to marry her lover. So how does the hero win his love? You will have to sit through this boring movie to find out the answer.

Nicole needs to shed all the puppy fat that makes her look older than she is. She has done quite a few bold scenes in a song but not all the swimsuit and towel and mini skirts scenes (with smart camera angles) can save this badly made film. Overly made up with some bizarre clothes, the heroine could have been given a better stylist.

Aishwarya and Rekha have nothing much to do. The climax scenes have chases galore and new villains keep appearing right till the end of the film. The music by TM Jaimurugan has the heard it before feel.

The sheer number of songs in the film could almost qualify it for a musical! Even the comedy track by Karunas is pathetic and makes you squirm in your seat. For Raghuvaran fans, one can catch him doing a few steps in a song in a special appearance.

There is nothing to recommend in the film. Keep away.

Verdict: Disappointing

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