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Monday 8 March 2004

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Satyaraj, Napolean, Rati

Satyaraj?s Adithadi starts of as a rollicking comedy that peters out towards the end. It is a black comedy, a movie that makes light of serious and usually morbid situations with their own level of hilarity and cleverness.

The theme is basically etched out of Harold Ramis directed Analyse This where Robert De Niro is a New York mob leader and Billy Crystal, his psychiatrist. Here to suit the Tamil nativity, Satyaraj is a Chennai don and a chronic bachelor who falls in love with Rati, a college student! Rival gang leader Napolean and his younger brother help him in his unusual love affair which raises quite a few laughs.

Tirupati (Satyaraj) is the most powerful don and ?kingmaker? in city who can make a break government using muscle power. He is 50, bald, wears dhoti and keeps company of men, as he hates women. In fact he has thrown his brother Surya (Napolean) out of the house for falling in love and marrying Sukanya. So Surya heads another rival gang and works for an unscrupulous businessman Tamilchelvan (Devan). One day when Tirupati is called as a chief guest at a beauty contest, he falls hook-line-sinker for Priya (Rati), the winner.

Initially Priya is in awe of Tirupati but later when he proposes to her she rejects him plainly. She is in love with Arjun (Abbas) and her family has approved it. But Tirupati continues with his goofs and tries to look younger to impress Priya by donning a wig and roaming in a bike. He gets Surya?s support in this endeavour as he thinks that his brother is a ?love specialist?. All this leads to a piquant climax.

The outrageous situations in the film are supposed to draw laughs in their own right as mob boss seeks love! But the premise lends itself to very little, theatrically causing the movie to fall into repetitive order. It is easy to see Satyaraj and Napolean having fun but the real question is whether the audience will have fun? The answer seems to be ?no? as the second half is a let down.

Satyaraj?s comedy timing is perfect as he is terrific along with Napolean. Rati is impressive as the don?s object of desire. Abbas and the rest of the cast has nothing much to do. The music of Deva who makes a cameo is unimpressive. The scriptwriter and director T.Sivaraj lose grip of the plot after a hilarious starts in the first half.

Verdict: Average

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