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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 21 April 2003

Movie Title



Sekhar Suri

Star Cast

Tarun, Reema Sen, Gajala

By Moviebuzz

Adrustam is another heartless love story from the teenage love story factory that cannot be sold even as ?seconds? in a discount sale! Tarun and Reema Sen are ?wooden? as usual and the pace of the movie is like a slow train that gets delayed. It is a ?desi? rehash of the Runaway Bride and Run mixture.

Tarun (Tarun) is an unemployed youth who does the odd job around. He is never able to complete what he does and is like a rolling stone that gathers no moss. First he runs out of a house, without paying rent. So the house owner, Brahmanandan is after him. Then he works in a bar and gets into a brawl with the local goon, who too chases him. Then he finds an ad inviting applicants for a ?swayamvaram? of a princess (Gajala). At the swayamvaram, he is so smitten by Gajala that he kisses her bringing the wrath of her mother and nephew, who as you guessed starts running after him. The mother also seeks the help of a corrupt cop (Prakash Raj) to run after Tarun who bumps into Reema Sen who too is running away from her wedding! The chase turns ludicrous and totally idiotic as he tries to re-unite with Gajala.

The film lacks emotional moments and peters out to be a slapstick comedy, which plays to the galleries. A new guy Sekhar Suri who claims to be some assistant of Subash Ghai has directed the film which has very little to offer. The film is heavily inspired from Ramgopal Varma?s Kshana Kshana too. Dina?s music fails to impress and he is better off providing title tracks for Tamil soaps. The lead cast Tarun, Reema Sen and Gajala are all wasted in this ineptly directed film.

Verdict : Keep away

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