Adventures of Omanakuttan review: Tedious watch

A confused saga that goes on and on

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 22 May 2017

Movie Title

Adventures of Omanakuttan review: Tedious watch


Rohith V S

Star Cast

Asif Ali, Bhavana

The initial portions of director Rohith V S’ Adventures of Omanakuttan give us a feeling that it’s going to be a dark thriller. After a while, some of the characters and situations that are presented seriously becomes a comedy. By then we would have realized that this one is a confused saga that goes on and on endlessly, for some 2 hours and 45 minutes!

Omanakuttan (Asif Ali) is a brilliant salesman who sells a hair oil, curiously named ‘Clintonica’. He is the blue eyed boy of the owner, played by Siddique. But Omanakuttan lacks confidence and is living in a modest apartment with a friend.

Sometime later, Omanakuttan begins his adventures with a mobile phone, befriending a few women. Without much efforts, they all fall into his trap. This includes Pallavi (Bhavana), who is ready to do any adventure to get her share of fortune from her dad.

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Then comes the next twist, when Omanakuttan loses his memory after being attacked by a criminal. Now, he starts his journey to find his own whereabouts.

You get a feeling that there is a decent storyline that is there amidst all the plots and subplots that are shown, often in excruciating detail. But then we have seen that idea in various styles in numerous films including Don, The Departed or Pokkiri.

With a script that is fractured, the actors seem to have not much clue about the proceedings. Asif Ali tries hard to present his character well. Bhavana dresses up like she is there for some photo shoot and repeats her branded mannerisms and dialogue delivery.

Adventures of Omanakuttan has too much to say but the narrative is far from engaging. There is an attempt somewhere, but this one tests your patience to think about its merits. It’s a failed experiment at best.

Adventures of Omanakuttan review- Verdict: Tedious watch

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