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Tuesday 28 October 2008

Movie Title



Raju Sundaram

Star Cast

Ajit, Nayanthara, Suman, Piaa, Navdeep, Nassar

Plagarism isn't about to go out of fashion anytime soon. No two ways about it that Raju Sundaram?s Aegan is a rip-off of Farah Khan?s Main Hoon Na. The director had claimed he was ?inspired? by Back To School, probably he must not have seen the Hollywood film!

Anyway the Tamil version is no patch on Farah Khan?s movie. Like the proverbial curate?s egg, the film is good in parts. The first half is a rip-roaring rocker, while the second half goes limp and the climax is a big let down.

Leave your logical mind at home, and don?t ask doubts regarding story and plotline because none exists! It is Diwali time, and if you want to have a crackling time at the movies, then Aegan is fun unlimited (till the interval).

The Story- Shiva (Ajit) is a dare devil cop, whose introduction scene is in Hong Kong, where he single handedly kills a mafia chief, and proves as his father the commissioner Karthik (Nassar) says- ?He is a one-man army, who trusts only his gun?

Now he is on a different mission- he has to fob off the international criminal John Chinnapa (Suman), who is trying to kill his former aide Ram Prasad (Devan), who has turned police approver. Ram is in hiding somewhere in Ooty where his daughter Priya (Piaa) is studying in a co-ed college. Shiva?s new assignment is to go undercover as a student to the college to protect Priya and also a lead to her father?s whereabouts.

Shiva joins the college where you have a funny principal (Jayaram) and a peon (Sathyan) and host of students including Priya?s lover Narain (Navdeep), who turns out to be our hero?s foster brother! The best scene in the film is when Ajit meets Nayan for the first time and the way he bursts out into his favourite song Unne Paartha Pinpu Naan?(Kathal Mannan) ! It is a really a scream and a genuine gut-buster.

There are few other outrageous over-the-top depiction of Tamil film stereotypes like Jayaram, Cochin Haneefa and Sriman?s comedy scenes. There is some kind of chemistry between Ajit and Nayan in some stupid moments, which make you chuckle. Raju Sundaram has concentrated only on these one-liners, the silver lining in the film. In Main Hoon Na Farah Khan made Shah Rukh Khan lampoon conventional notions of macho heroism, but in Aegan, Raju strictly adheres to Ajit?s larger than life image. There are four long drawn out, well choreographed fight scenes where the hero fights a dozen baddies and comes out unscathed.

The music of Yuvan is ok, thanks to the picturisation of Raju Sundaram. The camera of debutant Arjunjena is eye-catching. Ajit is at his best but looks plump and stiff in some scenes where he need to be relaxed and natural (The Billa hang-over?)

Nayanthara looks perfect as Mallika, a role that fits her like a glove. Her make-up and costumes, especially the chiffon sarees and halter-neck blouses, rock. Piaa is promising. Jayaram as Principal and Haneefa as Ajit?s side-kick are a riot. But the same cannot be said about Suman who looks like a caricature with a weird wig.

The trouble with the film is that it looks like an amateurish attempt by debutant director Raju Sundaram especially the lead towards the climax which is a colossal embarrassment. No film is perfect and Aegan is no exception. But it delivers entertainment in reasonable doses.

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Verdict: Average

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