Aghavan review: An average mystery thriller loosely based on historical facts

Aghavan is too long and needs some urgent trimming. Can be watched for the last thirty minutes.

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Critic's Rating: 2.5/5

Friday 15 March 2019

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Kishore Ravichandran, Chirashree Anchan, Nithya Shetty

Debutant director APG Elumalai's Aghavan is a mystery thriller loosely based on the historical facts and assumptions of Raja Raja Cholan and the wealth he had hidden for the future of Tamil Nadu.

The core idea of the film is quite interesting and the temple premise is something new, but the director has chosen an age-old screenplay format in which hero hides his identity for the larger good.

Hero Kishore Ravichandran works in a temple and does all kinds of work to wash away his sins, at least that's what he tells his colleague (Thambi Ramaiah). Only in the second half we come to know that Kishore is an undercover cop who safeguards the temple from an organized criminal gang who sketches a master plan to loot the wealth hidden ages back. Kishore's friend is a research scholar who does a doctorate on the hidden secret of Raja Raja Cholan, so our hero should save him too!

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As said earlier, the film's basic premise is quite interesting and the director manages to maintain the suspense until the mid of the second half. The film is too long and needs some urgent trimming. Only in the last thirty minutes, we get to know the all the twists which is indeed an interesting move!

Among the actors, hero Kishore Ravichandran does a good job with with underplayed performance. Thambi Ramaiah provides occasional comic relief while the two girls have been used to tick the romantic angle box. Director Elumalai must be lauded for the research he done for the script.

Technically C Sathya's music is adequate while the cinematography is strictly functional. Overall, Aghavan is an average venture and it can be watched for the last thirty minutes

Aghavan Verdict: Average, interesting core idea

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