Ah..Aah (BF)

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Sunday 11 September 2005

Movie Title

Anbe Aaruyire



Star Cast

S.J.Suryah, Nila, Urvashi

Why is S.J.Suryah fascinated by outrageous and smutty films even after being hauled over the coals by the censors and women organizations? His latest Ah..Aah is another crass act, a sort of Dada Kondke brand of humour!

For S.J.Suryah, no joke is too low to be cracked, no jibe too risqu? to be made. The bottom is the limit. That?s the world which Suryah?s denizens inhabit. If the audiences have to enjoy such kind of films, they need more liberal attitude from the censors. The local censors have butchered and muted the film heavily, which makes the viewers groan as they have applied scissors in the middle of a build up or a smutty joke!

Here is the far out plot - Shiva (S.J.Suryah) is an investigative reporter for a leading publication who has a live-in relationship with Madhu (Nila) a rich pampered girl. They are high-on-hormone couple who fight at the drop of a hat and make up instantly in bed! Shiva is a typical Indian male who is possessive, jealous, and suspicious and hate the idea of his girl having male friends.

When Madhu starts a restaurant business with Kishore, her friend?s brother, Shiva is furious. The couple split and goes their separate ways but is not happy. How the lovers unite is told in a hilarious manner with illusion characters (always dressed in blue) of lead pair doing the difficult job of bringing them together.

To be fair to Suryah, the first half is zany and moves along boldly like a 'Hugh Grant British comedy' on relationships. He tries hard to bring Shiva to life but has to go miles as far as dialogue delivery and voice modulation goes but has improved leaps and bound on the dancing front. New find Nila is disarmingly charming and promising. M.N.Nambiar and Urvashi makes cameo appearance while Santhanabharathy plays the baddie. Comedian Santhanam?s jokes like comparing a woman on heat to a hot dosa kallu is crass and vulgar.

Music by A.R.Rahman is a major highlight of the film and bears the stamp of Suryah?s excellent picturistaion. The ?Maramkothiye?? songs with graphics is innovative while the title song sung by Rahman is appealing. On the whole, Ah..Aah is adult entertainment.

Verdict: Average

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