Ahaana Krishna apologizes for her posts

Source :SIFY
Last Updated: Tue, Jul 28th, 2020, 10:56:51hrs

Actress Ahaana Krishna was in the midst of controversy following some of her social media posts. Now she has posted a detailed note where she explains her side of the story.

Ahaana says that she got several messages during the past few days following an Instagram story. Some of them were asking for an explanation.  

“I needed some time to process the things happening around me. My intention was never to hurt anyone or to hurt him in any way,” says Ahaana about a person who commented under one of her posts. She had reportedly taken some portions from the comment and made some remarks about it.

Ahaana says that her only intention was to give a reply. “If my actions did hurt anyone, I apologize for that,” says the actress.