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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 16 June 2007

Movie Title



Sundar Das

Star Cast

Harisree Ashokan, Jyothirmayee, Sai Kumar, KPAC Lalitha

The mention of director Sundar Das, reminds you of that highly refreshing romantic film Sallapam which acted as a literal launch pad for its lead pair, Dileep and Manju Warrier. Though his later films like Kudamattom and Pouran were not in the same league, Das is regarded as a director who can spring some surprises for the audience with his films. But this time there is no such luck as Akasha, which has Harisree Ashokan in the lead.

Scripted by T.A.Razack, the film has a wafer-thin story. A hard working mechanic?s life changes forever after the sketch of a person accused in a bomb blast bears an uncanny resemblance to him. The basic problem is that its script is too slow, predictable and with out any events to sustain the audiences interest.

Harisree Ashokan, who plays the role of Manoharan, the mechanic gives the inkling that he is going to face some serious problems soon, with his mannerisms and body language. Though he lives with a loving wife Bhanu (Jyothirmayee), mother (KPAC Lalitha), two daughters and a comic brother-in-law, he is rarely happy.

Moreover, he is not confident and the scenes shown in proof of these, like when he runs behind the school bus to check if the door has been locked properly, looks absolutely clich?d and amateurish. His greatest dream in life, is to own a house of his own. He borrows some money from a money lender. But when the picture of the terrorist involved in the bomb blast bears a resemblance to him, things start to go really wrong for him.

Soon, he undergoes tremendous mental tension, when some of his friends points out this. Even then, the investigating officer Reghunandanan (Sai Kumar) is really careful not to harass Manoharan, if he is innocent in this case. But Manoharan, in a fit of panic and desperation, runs away to his aunt (Bindu Panicker) to escape from the police. Though he returns, life never becomes the same again for him.

Think of films like Rang de Basanti, where some unfortunate happenings changes the lives of the protagonists being shown in an entertaining way. Or any other film, where the focus shifts from some normal surroundings to highly crucial moments after some dramatic turn arounds. It has happened in Malayalam too with gems like, Thaniyavarthanam which can leave some lasting wounds on anyone?s heart who watches it.

Akasham gives a definite hint of some unfortunate happenings which will happen later in the film, right from its first reel. The script moves nowhere for soon after Manoharan finds his look-alike?s picture in the dailies. There are no compelling situations which should make Manoharan run away from the whole scene in distress. The first half makes you cringing in the seats due to its snail like pace and the second half makes you wonder where the story is heading to.

Though Harisree Ashokan has managed to do some justice to his role, he finds the going tough at times, especially during the highly emotional scenes. Jyothirmayee looks beautiful as his wife but their on-screen chemistry never works effectively. The supporting cast including Sai Kumar, Innocent, KPAC Lalitha and Mamu Koya has done their roles pretty well. The dialogues are too melodramatic and the music by Mohan Sithara is just average. Sadath?s visuals are not too brilliant to rave about either. `Akasham` is an example of a potential theme which could have been brilliant, if the makers had handled it with more passion.

Verdict: Below Average

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