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Friday 12 September 2003

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Silambarasan, Trisha Krishnan, Vivek, Raghuvaran

By Moviebuzz

Alai is nothing but a watered down version of half a dozen early 80?s formulaic Rajnikanth films. Strangely, all that the debutant director Vikram has done is swapping Rajni for Simbu in this asinine and childish film, which has no basic storyline. The idea of the makers is to establish Silambarasan as the heir to Rajnikanth. This worn out old hackneyed formula of six songs and four fights strung together by a wafer thin story fails to impress.

Aadi (Simbu) is a happy-go-lucky rich boy whose parents (Raghuvaran and Saranya) dot on him. They even present him with expensive birthday gifts like a Bajaj pulsar Motorbike! His kid brother Gopi(Kularasan) often bullies him. He also has a group of friends including Vivek who is a thick skinned Casanova trying to con women off their money.

One day he bumps his bike into Meera?s (Trisha) car and immediately a love-hate relationship starts. Later he goes to a village with his friends to arrange the love marriage of his close friend Aravind where he saves Meera from some local rowdies. Suddenly Aadi?s rich father goes broke and as a compromise the financier (Nassar) who bails him out asks Aadi to marry his daughter! At the marriage pandal the bride comes to know about her fianc?e?s deep love for Meera (!!) How she brings the lovers together forms the climax of this inane film.

There is no redeeming factor as even the music of Vidyasagar is not placed well and stands out most of the time. The tunes are rehashed from his old hits. Simbu has once again tried not only to ape Rajni?s mannerisms but even his dialogue delivery and style. He has continued to cling on to the coattail of the superstar, which makes him look like a mimicry artist. Trisha is wasted in the film. She is seen with as little clothes as possible in a role that is not etched out well. Vivek?s comedy is good. Raghuvaran, Saranya and Nassar as parents are clich?d.

Someone needs to tell Simbu that he needs to have a style of his own ! All in all Alai is an insufferable dud.

Verdict: Big Bore

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