Alamara review: A very average film

Alamara review: A very average film

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 18 March 2017

Movie Title

Alamara review: A very average film


Midhun Manuel Thomas

Star Cast

Sunny Wayne, Aditi Ravi

Director Midhun Manuel Thomas’ Alamara has been packaged as the tale of a beautifully built wooden almirah (or alamara in native slang) that creates havoc in the lives of a newly married couple.

Arun Pavithran (Sunny Wayne) works in a bank and is desperately seeking alliances from eligible women. He is distraught after one possible engagement gets cancelled midway. As fate would have it, he falls in love with Swathi (Aditi Ravi), whose proposal was initially being considered for his cousin, Suvin (Aju Varghese).

The wedding between Arun and Swathi happens after some twists and turns. But the problem begins after the bride’s parents gift the newlyweds, a brand new wardrobe.

In all fairness, there is a simple but promising storyline here but the film suffers from ordinary writing and incompetent making. As a result, the journey becomes quite a tedious one in the end.

It is quite evident that the makers have added some back up plots to work as fillers. One of them, about a local don taking over a property in Bangalore has been heavily influenced from the 2006 Bollywood comedy Khosla ka ghosla. But even then, such digressions never really help.

The viewers may not be looking for a grand plot or twists or turns at regular intervals while going for a comedy. All that they look for would be some good laughs and smartly written lines. But that is missing here, in a big way.

Sunny Wayne has by and large a single expression, which he uses while in love, during tense moments or even when he is angry. Aditi Ravi performs with confidence and is impressive. Manikantan, who shot into fame as the fearless Balan in Kammatipaadam, shines in a comic role. Aju Varghese and Renji Panicker have been wasted in roles that have been poorly written. Salim Kumar’s voice for the ‘Alamara’ sounds nice, but it lacks novelty.

Alamara has some fine moments here and there. It could be an okay watch if you go with not much expectation.

Alamara review- Verdict:A very average film

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