Alexander the great

Alexander the great


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 09 May 2010

Movie Title

Alexander the great


Murali Nagavally

Star Cast

Mohanlal, Bala, Sudha Chandran

The only surprising thing about director Murali Nagavalli's Alexander the great would be on how such an experienced actor like Mohanlal was convinced by its makers, to be part of the film.

With an amateurish script, evidently inspired by the fantastic 1988 Hollywood movie Rain Man, the two and a half hours saga strolls along without any definite direction and barely manages to get the viewer interested in the proceedings.

It's yet another story showing the within-the-family dispute over wealth as its premise, after the death of a rich Dubai based businessman, Prathapa Varma (Sai Kumar). As per his will, the heir to all his fortunes was Alexander Varma (Mohanlal), his out-of-wedlock son. (Did someone say Rajamanikyam?)

This enrages the whole family and Prathapa Varma's son Manu (Bala) is in Mumbai to find Alex. By his own admission Alexander is ?not normal?, is autistic and mostly behaves like a kid. As it turns out to be, Alexander is a genius who can learn a whole telephone directory by-heart in some hours, has an impeccable quizzing brain and is also brilliant with numbers.

After certain sequences, which are aimed to create laughs, Manu start liking his step-brother and he takes Alexander home much to the chagrin of his family members. But the hero wins their heart and takes care of the baddies, soon after.

Mohanlal has obviously been influenced by Dustin Hoffman's mannerisms from Rain Man (incidentally, director Kamal's Pachakkuthira that came some years back was also ripped off from the same film).

As it turns out to be, the script and his character is not a challenging one for the versatile genius. The film has been shot in picturesque locales in Dubai and Mumbai, but that doesn't help in making the film interesting as well.

Bala repeats his wooden style of acting yet again and with him is Jagadeesh, whose loud dialogue delivery and mannerisms are plain irritating, to say the least. The rest of the characters have limited roles to play. D Kannan's camera is nice and the music is okay.

Malayalam films have lifted stories from Hollywood in the past too, but it has been done in a cunning way by filmmakers like Priyadarsan, with the situations and characters gelling perfectly with the psyche of the native viewers. No such efforts here and that is exactly the problem with the movie as well. The film has taken some time in its making and the final product looks totally out of place!

With no storyline worth mentioning or some interesting moments that remains in the viewers' minds, Alexander the great is a confused mishmash of inane situations. Watch some of the gems from the past in which Mohanlal amuses all with his mesmerizing histrionic wizardry and that could prove more satisfying than wasting time on this one!

Verdict: Disappointing

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