Alia Bhatt delivers water conservation message amid COVID-19 crisis

Source :ANI
Author :ANI
Last Updated: Sat, Mar 14th, 2020, 22:23:55hrs
Alia Bhatt (Picture Courtesy: Instagram)

New Delhi [India], Mar 14 (ANI): 'Gully Boy' star Alia Bhatt has a useful message for all the folks who let their faucets running the whole time they scrub their hands amid coronavirus scare.

As the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, the 26-year-old actress shared an Instagram picture urging her followers to not turn a blind eye towards the pre-existing global water crisis.
"Friendly reminder that washing your hands for 20 seconds does not mean you need to have the tap running for 20 seconds. In the midst of one global crisis let's not worsen another. Wash your hands, but save as much water as you can," the post read.

Alia's message raked in excess of 700,000 likes, and the same image was also posted by Bipasha Basu on her own Instagram page. (ANI)