'All Is Well' review: Sadly, all is not well

'All Is Well' review: Sadly, all is not well

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 22 August 2015

Movie Title

'All Is Well' review: Sadly, all is not well


Umesh Shukla

Star Cast

Rishi Kapoor, Abhishek Bachchan, Asin

The title of the film is a cruel joke. For nothing is well in this travesty of a film, save the cast.

We meet the loud (because he's a Punjabi), obnoxious (same reason), plump and fair (still, same reason) Bhalla, played by Rishi Kapoor, who runs a loss-making bakery. A paragon of bad parenting, he smashes his son's guitar because it makes “noise” and fights with his wife, driving her to fall ill.

Naturally, the now-grown son Inder (Abhishek Bachchan) wants to escape, which he does, and goes abroad to make it as a musician. A distress call has him come back to India where his family and the state of the bakery are in tatters.

What happens next is an unfunny turn of events that leads us to the predictable conclusion.

In the midst of this is The Secret-reading gal (Asin), who interprets everything as a sign, and has fallen for Inder (one wonders why, for he seems as less interested in her as in the family bakery). However, our Inder is playing it (too) cool, and says he doesn't want to ruin his life by marrying. Still, she follows him around like a loyal pup, endearing herself to his family.

A crazy-haired comical villain appears with his cronies and gives chase to the Bhalla family, while simultaneously being chased by cops.

Through this chase, the Bhalla family stops at a zillion dhabas (because this is North India), argues all the time, and stops only to let the Senior Bhalla take multiple pee breaks. The background score is unbearable and loud (because, you know, this is a film about boisterous Punjabis).

The toddler-level comedy has a character call peeing "make water", has a flush sound when a doctor prescribes a digestive medicine, and has a hyperactive lady with buck teeth.

The unintentional comedy happens when Sonakshi Sinha materializes in a dhaba for an item number, and convinces Abhishek's character to dance for free food. I'm not making this up! Or when Asin's character roams around EVERYWHERE carrying 'The Secret', such that it'll put you off that book forever. Or the finale where the errant father is hailed as a good-hearted dad, and the errant son Inder is hailed as a modern-day Shravan.

Abhishek Bachchan downgrades to the extent of wearing a super-blingy jacket for a forgettable song. And he has comedy bits like mistaking grieving women's wailing "hai hai", and responding with a cheerful, "hi, hi".

Rishi Kapoor is made to screech his dialogue, but the actor still manages to make his character a tad adorable. Asin plays a character that does not make any sense, and is there to fill the love-interest slot. The talented Supriya Pathak is offered a role that doesn't do her justice.

It's perplexing how Umesh Shukla, who made the simple and entertaining OMG Oh My God!, could have come up with this sub-par deal. With comedy that's more likely to make you cry, all is well in the movie's finale, except the viewer's state. Avoid!

Rating: 1 star

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