Allari Bullodu

Allari Bullodu


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 16 September 2005

Movie Title

Allari Bullodu


Raghavendra Rao

Star Cast

Nitin, Trisha, Rathi, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Saurabh Shukla, Sunil, Brahmanandam

Veteran director Raghavendra Rao?s Allari Bullodu is a rehash of one of his 70?s Jeetendra starrer. This is one of those hackneyed absurd film with an inept story telling about double roles, mistaken identities, totally illogical happenings which ends up as a double bore!

Raogaru seems to be still living in Jurassic age as far as movie making is concerned, as he takes his audience for granted. And it is sad to see a talented actress like Trisha being wasted in a stupid role. In sum, this painfully prolonged comedy caper is difficult to bear and a total waste of time.

The film just does not have a plotline. Madhav Rao (Vizag Prasad) is an honest and upright businessman in construction business. His arch rival is Saxena who uses all dirty tricks to deprive him of his contracts. Soon Rao is hospitalized and his business empire is taken over by Trisha (Trisha) his daughter.

Trisha dotes on her little sister Usha (Rati). A bunch of comedy villains like Kota, Krishna Bhagwan, Venu Madhav are all working against Trisha at the behest of Saxena. Trsiha brings in Raju (Nitin) to manage her affairs and both the sisters fall in love with him. A duplicate Balu (Nitin) is created by Raju and Saxena and gang with the help of a Mumbai underworld don Karim Lala (Sourabh Shukla) bring a look-alike of Raju, Munna adding more confusion.

How Trisha, Usha with the help of Raju and Munna take Saxena and Karim Lala for a ride forms the rest of this predictable comedy caper. Employing all cinematic clich?s popular in 70?s and 80?s, the director tries to weave a story but falters badly. In a poorly conceived story, Trisha looks bewildered throughout. Rati just flirts in and out and Nitin need to work hard on his dialogue delivery and deadpan expressions

Don?t look for any solace in the camera of Bhupati or music of MM Keeravani, a rehash of his earlier tunes with song picturisation like PT exercise movements popularized by KRR in his earlier movies. On the whole, Allari Bullodu like the punch line in the film is - khel khadam? dookan bandh! It is one royal dump charade.

Verdict: Big Bore

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