Alli Arjuna

Alli Arjuna

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 25 April 2003

Movie Title

Alli Arjuna



Star Cast

Manoj,Richa Pallod,Vinu Chakravorthy

By Moviebiz

Stay far away from Alli Arjuna! Take a tip from someone who snored and slept through this travesty. Bharathiraaja does not seem to give up on his son being a hero, but the audience have had enough. The guy just can?t make it, in spite of his father?s help. Director Sharan had made good films in the past, but this time he has let us down badly.

The basic story line of the film has been taken from real life ?Sarika Shah eve teasing incident?. They have tried to package it with the story of a rich boy, Manoj who due to parental neglect turns to be anti-social and moves over to an old bungalow that was once a police station. The owner of the place is Vinu Chakravorthy who is ?daddy? to all. And he runs a fast food joint. Richa Pallod is Manoj?s lover who follows him to the bungalow. She has a traumatic past, as she had witnessed the death of her close friend Preetha Vijaykumar in an eve teasing incident. The rest of the story is about Manoj?s attempt to woo Richa, whose mission is to find the eve-teaser.

The plot is very thin and director Sharan, is totally confused. Manoj cannot act for nuts, while Richa Pallod too has a long way to go as far as emoting goes. A.R.Rahman?s music is a total let down. Enough suffered, enough endured.

Verdict: As avoidable as the bubonic plague

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