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Friday 10 August 2001

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By/ Arshiya Kapadia

Alpviram is a family drama with a differencethat has got viewers hooked. Arshiya Kapadiafinds out its formula for success

Adultery. Greed. Opulence. Revenge. In today`splethora of family dramas and sagas on TV, there`s oneserial that is like a breath of fresh air.Alpviram on Sony is getting rave reviews andrightly so.

This series explores the universe of a girl who hasgone through a traumatic experience and how she faceslife thereafter. Amrita (Pallavi Joshi) falls into acoma on the day of her engagement. While in hospital,she`s raped and impregnated. The only people who giveher their unflinching support are her grandfather(Anjan Srivastav), grandmother (Sulbha Deshpande) andfianc? Rohit (Aamir Bashir).

When Amrita recovers, she is forced to come toterms with harsh realities. Should she give birth tothe child? Who was the man who raped her? Can shestill continue her relationship with her fianc? likebefore?

The serial runs parallel to a real-life incidentthat had occurred in Mumbai where a nurse Aruna wasraped on duty and is still in a coma. However, most ofthe crew members including Bashir and Srivastav, claimto be unaware of this incident. The fact remains thatAlpviram does address important social issues -the plight of a rape victim, society`s reaction torape and the integrity of the medical profession.

Srivastav credits the show`s success to directorVipul Shah. "Although this is Vipul`s first Hindiserial, when he narrated the script to me, I knew thathe would do a different but convincing job." Shah, onhis part, was confident that the serial would make animpact due to its strong subject matter.

Alpviram scores points for its brilliantscreenplay and nifty direction. The trump card is itsnear-perfect casting. Srivastav agrees, "Many peoplehave told me that the casting is very good. In fact,after my role as Wagle in Wagle Ki Duniya, thishas been a crucial role for me."

Alpviram has been on air for little over ayear now and is still going strong. Though initially104 episodes were planned, it will be wrapped up in 85now. Oh for more serials like this one!

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