Always selfie ready with High Definition Make-up (Also read on IANSlife)

Last Updated: Mon, Sep 09, 2019 18:28 hrs

Step 1<br>Create the perfect base with a good primer and foundation, then set it with the POSE Banana Powder under your eyes. The yellow powder will help mattify your skin, while also giving you a natural radiance.<br>Step 2<br>Next, it's time to cheat your way into getting a chiselled face with the POSE Bronzer Duo. This product comes in two shades, both, when used right, give you a more sculpted look. First, use the Cinnamon shade to add a bit of warmth back to your skin. Using an angled brush, apply the bronzer where the sun hits your skin. This includes the bridge of your nose, temples, and your cheekbones.<br>Now use the Terracotta shade in the hollows of your cheeks. Applying the cooler tone in this area will add shadow and depth creating the illusion of chiselled cheeks.<br>Applying the bronzer along the hairline of your forehead, you can make your forehead look smaller and contouring your jawline can help get rid of your double chin. Good lighting and the right pose also play a very important part.<br>Step 3<br>Once you've created that perfectly chiselled face, it's time to add a flush of colour to your cheeks with the POSE Blush Duo. You can use Coral, which is a peachy pink shade to get a natural look, or Punch, which is a mauve pink shade to get a more flushed look. Using a brush, drag the blush upward from the contour. This will help it blend well with your base and give you natural rosy cheeks.<br>Step 4<br>Get that lit-from-within glow and shine bright in your pictures with the POSE HD Highlighter Duo. Keeping in mind your skin tone, apply this product on the high points of the face. Using it on your cheekbones, brow bones, down the centre of your nose, Cupid's bow and a bit on your chin will add dimension and lift your face.<br>Step 5<br>You wouldn't be camera-ready without a good lipstick shade. Whether you're someone who loves light subtle colours or dark sultry hues, the POSE HD lipstick collection comes in 20 shades to match your every mood.<br>Step 6<br>And finally, the POSE HD Translucent powder is the finishing touch that will set your makeup, brighten up your face and blur fine lines during your closeups.

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