Amala Paul: "Before Aadai, I even thought of quitting the film industry!"

Last Updated: Sat, Jul 06, 2019 17:59 hrs
Amala Paul

At the audio and trailer launch of her most expected film Aadai, Amala Paul said: "Before Aadai, I listened to a lot of female-centric films but I felt the elements in those scripts were fake. Then came Rathnakumar's Aadai, I was blown away with the synopsis and even asked whether the script is inspired by any English film".

"When I met Rathna, he had a thick beard and looked completely different from the script written by him. Probably, that's why people say don't judge the book by its cover. He is the ballsiest director and the script was very genuine. Rathna wanted Aadai to be his first film but later chose Meyadhaa Maan as his debut. Even Ram Kumar wanted Raatchasan to be his first film but made Mundasuppati for commercial reasons", added Amala.

Amala also praised the film's Cinematographer Karthik Kannan for bearing the madness of Rathna.
"Rathna wanted me to perform just like how I would react in real life, so I was relieved from the usual way of performance where directors want me to be cute", she added.

Aadai is all set to release on July 19.