Amara Kaaviyam

Amara Kaaviyam

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By: Siddharth K

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 08 September 2014

Movie Title

Amara Kaaviyam


Jeeva Shankar

Star Cast

Sathya, Mia George, Thambhi Ramaiah, Ananth Nag

Jeeva Shankar?s last movie ?Naan? showed us that he is quite a talent to watch out for. Now, he has come up with his second offering Amara kaviyam which stars Arya?s brother Sathya, Mia George, Thambhi Ramaiah and many others. Let us see what his latest venture has in store for us:

Amara Kaaviyam starts off with Jeeva (Sathya) and Karthika(Mia George) who are class XII students. Jeeva?s friend Balaji wants Jeeva to act as a messenger and convey his love for Karthika. Things go helter skelter when Karthika proposes Jeeva and the two decide they have found their matches. Families oppose, sufferings follow and Jeeva Shankar tries to tell many other things too.

Sathya appears quite raw in the teenage portions of the movie but gets his act well as the movie progresses. Mia George emotes well and scores in the scenes which demand her chirpiness. Thambhi Ramaiah?s role adds no weight to the content of the movie.

Jeeva Shankar ? the cinematographer has done a fabulous job of showcasing Ooty in trademark Balumahendra?s way(Moodu Pani, Moondram Pirai) and the school setting in Ooty takes us back to the Paneer Pushpangal days(The director has paid a small tribute by using Aanandha Raagam in the background too). The intense and sober mood of the movie works well with the path-breaking cinematography.

Ghibran shoulders the movie by delivering his career best soundtrack and his re-recording is very refreshing too. ?Saridhana Saridhana? & ?Deva Devathai? ? being the picks from the album.

But the movie moves at snail pace and the second half of the movie wanders aimlessly before convoluting in a tragic climax. Had the director tweaked his screenplay a little and had made it tight, Amara Kaaviyam would have lived up to its title.

Verdict: Below Average

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