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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 04 December 2009

Movie Title



Ravi Babu

Star Cast

Bhumika, Sneha, Gadde Sindhura, Taraka Ratna, Allari Ravi Babu

Director Ravi Babu displayed a penchant for psychological disorders as his themes, which he did in his previous film Anasuya with panache. Here, in this film Amaravathi, he wavers on a subject which remains alien to the ordinary audience ? targeting the surrogate mothers, besides giving prominence scope to hypnotism. Smeared between these two elements, the film unfolds an eerie entertainment, which would certainly bar the weak-hearted and the expectant mothers from viewing.

The city is under tension with serial attacks on expectant mothers who are in their ninth month. All the attacks are done in uniformity. The modus operandi of the culprits is to operate on the pregnant women and take away the babies. Minutes before the strange operations, the 108 ambulance personnel would get a ring, saying that a pregnant woman is under distress and that she wanted urgent medical attention. No sooner the ambulance would reach the spot, than the woman would be seen sans baby in her womb.

Venkat (Ravi Babu) is appointed the investigating team leader into the strange string of criminal activities. During the attack on a pregnant, one suspect (Tarakaratna) is taken into custody. He would not divulge anything despite narco-analysis tests. Strange, even as the suspect is under the custody, the attacks continue in the city. Who is the real culprit and how the mystery is busted?

Ravi Babu as investigating officer is perfect with doses of romance and comedy. Sneha as his wife is performed adequately. There is no depth in the characterization of Bhumika in the title role Amaravathi. Shown as a psychic on a couple of occasions and later putting the character under suspense, only to be revealed later with a lot of audience?s expectation is all about her role.

Taraka Ratna, who never succeeded as hero onscreen, could do a curious role as a maniac much to the satisfaction of the audience. But, most part of the role is dealt with a mask. Sindhura Gadde in a cop?s role is cute. Paruchuru Gopalakrishna and Kota Srinivasa Rao did the guest roles.

There is a lot of novelty in the script, but to be taken only by a limited section of the audience. The venture has ample doses of suspense and entertainment values for lovers of thrillers. Technically, cinematography is fine with excellent background score. Though the movie has no songs, the factor would well synch with the fact that it is a thriller. Art work by Anand Sai is noteworthy.

The first half is strategically implemented till the intermission. The second half begins with a drag, but it falls in line soon. Bloodshed through scenes ? slitting the throat of a boy, the man who slits the throat finally slits himself, profuse bleeding for Sneha?s character due to hemorrhage, cutting the womb to lift the babies ? are certainly loathsome to the audience.

Verdict: Not for the weak hearted

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