Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 17 November 2013

Movie Title



Sen Prakash

Star Cast

Yogish, Bhama, Sadhu Kokila

Director Sen Prakash?s much talked about movie Ambara fails to deliver. The concept of love is limitless like sky could have been shown in a much better way. The plot of the movie is very predictable and ends up disappointing the audience?s expectation in the movie.

The story is about a young boy Ajay (Yogish), a final year degree student who falls in love with Arundhati (Bhamaa). He fears to express his love for her, for she might reject him. Not wanting to lose her, he decides to finish his studies and settle down in life before he proposes to her. Arundhati too is in love with Ajay but neither of them expresses their love for each other. But one fine day, when her parents pester her for marriage, she reveals to them her love for him. In the mean time Ajay gets into real estate business with his friend and ends up getting convicted for a murder which forces him to go into hiding.

Here Arundhati starts to search for him, after which her parents take her to Haridwar. Coincidently Ajay too is in the same place, very very predictable.

Yogish succeeds in showing us his fighting skills but fails to convince us with his mediocre performance. Bhama too fails with her acting and feels like she is doing the same kind of roles over and over.

While some of the artistes playing guest roles in the movie have provided good performance, actor Tilak?s talent seems to have gone unused. The music score done by Abhiman Roy too is poor, for we can?t remember one single tune while walking out of the theatre.

Sadhu Kokila has managed to tickle our funny bunny bone and if something has to be applauded then it is Cinetex Suri?s cinematography. For he has captured the beauty of Haridwar, Rishikesh and Ganges like never before in a Kannada movie. So all in all Ambara team fails to entertain the audience and if one has loads of time to spare, then one can watch the movie.

Verdict: Dull

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