Ambili review:An emotional journey that has its heart at the right place

Ambili review:An emotional journey that has its heart at the right place

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 10 August 2019

Movie Title

Ambili review:An emotional journey that has its heart at the right place


Johnpaul George

Star Cast

Soubin Shahir, Navin Nazim, Tanvi Ram

Director Johnpaul George, whose last movie Guppy was well appreciated, is back with Ambili. The new one is a mix of friendship and romance.

Ambili (Soubin Shahir) is considered not so normal by the people around him, but not by Teena (Tanvi Ram), who is madly in love with him. He is so innocent that even the locals who owe him money easily fools him. 

Ambili is a happy go lucky kind, who loves playing cricket with children half his age. There are many who uses Ambili for their own benefits but he is all love for everyone around. He is totally attached to Teena’s brother Bobby (Navin Nazim), who is a national level cycling champion. 

As Bobby comes to their town, Ambili makes elaborate arrangements to welcome his dearest buddy. The story takes an interesting turn after Bobby comes back home.

Johnpaul has written the script with lots of sweetness and love. Once you get into the world of Ambili and realise how genuine the character is, the journey ahead becomes a gripping one.

One of the highlights of this movie is the terrific music by Vishnu Vijay. The peppy Njan Jackson Alleda… has already become an anthem and Aaradhike… steals your heart quite easily. The visuals by Sharan Velayudhan are delicious.

Among the two debutants, Navin Nazim has more space and he uses it quite well. Tanvi Ram makes an impressive start as Soubin’s girlfriend. There are some really good performances from Jaffer Idukki and Vettukkili Prakashan. 

But then, this is Soubin Shahir’s title role and he becomes the character in a convincing manner. In an avatar where he has not been seen on screen before, Soubin performs with great charm.

Ambili is an emotional journey that has its heart at the right place. It’s an honest attempt that needs to be appreciated. 

Ambili review:A charming feel good drama

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