An avoidable flick

Source: Sify

By: By Kunal Shah, India Syndicate

Critic's Rating: 18/5

Friday 14 November 2003

Movie Title

Jodi Kya Banayi Wah Wah Ramji


Raman Kumar

Star Cast

Amar Upadhyay, Reema Sen, Paresh Rawal

Concept Productions? Jodi Kya Banayi Wah Wah Ramji is a love story of a couple who initially hate each other. The movie narrates how they, with the help of a novelist, fall in love with each other.

Ramprasad (Paresh Rawal) is a novelist, who specialises in thrillers and suspense novels. However, looking at the need of the hour, his boss (Rakesh Bedi) demands a love story from him. Ramprasad is stuck, as he has never ever written a love story.

Vishal (Amar Upadhyay) and Priyanka (Reema Sen) are his neighbours who hate the very sight of each other. However, their parents have been long-time friends and intend to get them married.

Both Vishwanath (Tiku Talsania) and Kalicharan (Gulshan Grower) are friends for the past 21 years and are partners in business. They want Vishal and Priyanka to get married, but are helpless, as the children both hate each other. So, they decide to engage them in a party and force them to marriage.

To their misfortune, according to their astrologer, they have to get married in three months or else they won?t be able to marry for three years. They decide to take help from Ramprasad.

Meanwhile, they go on a camp where Vishal saves Priyanka?s life and they fall in love. But to there surprise, when they come back, they discover that their parents have become sworn enemies. How everything is solved forms the crux of the story.

The first few reels of the flick are indeed engaging. The director succeeds in presenting several interesting moments at the very start. But immediately after that, the pace drops and most of the time is wasted in establishing the characters.

Paresh Rawal's character is ill-defined. Also, too much time is wasted in establishing the close friendship between Tiku Talsania and Gulshan Grover ? it goes to the extent of even singing a song. It would have definitely been better, if some more footage had been used on Amar Upadhyay or Reema Sen in the first half. Nothing much happens, except that they both are engaged without their will and Rawal is looking for a love story.

On the other hand, the second half is what people would have expected it to be. The second half has an interesting screenplay, worthy dialogues, funny one-liners and the pace is good.

The songs are unevenly placed and this goes against the film. The director's choice of script leaves a lot to be desired and his story telling is devoid of stimulating moments. If not for the gripping second half, the film would have been a disappointment.

On the technical side, the cinematography is worth mentioning. Editing is loose and bad. On the performance front, Paresh Rawal is brilliant as usual but is way short of expectations. Amar Upadhyay is good and definitely promises to be a better actor. Reema Sen is good but loud at times. Gulshan Grower makes his presence felt. Kunika, Rakesh Bedi and Ishrat Ali pass muster.

Overall, the film definitely is a mixed bag of highs and lows. At the Box Office, the film will just about be average, but lack of face value will hamper its prospects in the initial draw.

Rating: Worth a yawn

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