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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 01 May 2014

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Sekhar Kammula

Star Cast

Nayanathara, Vaibhav, Harshavardhan Rane, Pasupathi and others

Anaamika (Nayanthara) lands in Hyderabad to find the whereabouts of her now missing husband Ajay Shastri (Harshavardhan Rane), a software employee.

The police to whom she complains shows cold shoulder, but Parthasarathy (Vaibhav) is an exception. He goes out of his way and some times beyond the call of his duty to help the hapless woman trace her husband.

Does she find her husband? What is the role of the police in it? Who is Ajay Shastri and what is the role of Milind Damji in his life? Why is the Home Minister (Naresh) on tenterhooks? Does Anaamika have the ability to rock the boat by getting in possession something that can shake the nation?

First things first. By accepting the challenge of adaptation of a one-woman narrative like Kahaani, Shekar Kammula has proven himself to be a filmmaker who is game for challenges. For the first time in his bright career, he has remade a film. Anaamika is not exact remake of Bollywood film, Kaahani. Director Sekhar Kammula and veteran writer Yandamuri Veerendranath has taken the basic plot from the movie and have told in a different manner. So it is more of an adaptation than the remake.

Besides taking some amount of creative liberty with the original plot, Kammula doesn`t violate the soul of the original. The essence of the original is not harmed. But here in Anaamika, the heroine is not seen with baby bump unlike the original.

Yet, Nayanthara`s character surprises us with her perseverance, ability to challenge the authority of the cops and so on. She breaks down when she is alone, cries in the presence of Vaibhav, but she is more than any of these.

The film starts off on a slow note. Entire first half lacks mojo but as the film grows in tempo, it makes us root for it. Second half of the film is truly engrossing. And the climax is very good. The best moments in the film come post interval.

Nayanthara is seen in an author-backed role. She is convincing when she sobs, she is good when she is assertive. She has portrayed various emotions well. This is quite a challenge for her in a role that was done by Vidya Balan. Nayanthara has succeeded. Pasupathy makes an impact and even brings out a smile or two in us. Vaibhav emotes more and talks less. He, again, fits the bill. Harshavardhan Rane has brief role. Naresh is just about ok.

On the technical front, it is senior music director MM Keeravani whose work gets noticed first. With his effective background score, he lifts the movie in many sequences. The two songs coalesce with the film and we do not know when they come and go. `Addamlo Ammayi` song that come when the end credits roll is too good.

Cinematography is neat. Vijay C Kumar has captured the old city of Hyderabad well. Although the film is not lengthy, the film has slow pace for a thriller. Editor Marthand Venkatesh should have fastened the pace in the first half. Art work is good.

As writer and director, for Sekhar Kammula this is quite a different genre. His strength has been lighthearted urbane movies. Although, the genre is new to him, he has managed to pull off.

A serious film with a topical subject, Anaamika is a nice thriller. Although it doesn`t look novel as the original movie, this is fairly good adaptation of Kaahani by Sekhar Kammula. Post interval sequences works out well. For those who have not seen Kahaani, Anaamika will be a treat.

Rating: 3/5

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