Anand Shankar:"Two years of wait is worth"

Last Updated: Wed, Sep 07, 2016 13:19 hrs
Iru Mugan

Director Anand Shankar sounds quite confident about Iru Mugan. Though spy thrillers is a rare genre in Kollywood, only few filmmakers like Kamal Haasan has tried to explore it in films like Vikram, Vetri Vizha and Vishawaroppam. Anand says "Yes, there is a common perception here that science fiction and spy thriller will not work among our audiences. But when we have a screenplay suiting the local sensibility, I'm sure film makers will start exploring new concepts. For example, as couple of horror films went on to become hits, today we have plethora of films belong to that particular genre".

Anand is an engineering graduate and he has completed one year course in New York Film Academy before joining as an assistant director in Hindi film Anjaana Anjaani. "DOP Ravi K Chandran is my well wisher and in fact, he was the one who recommended me to Murugadoss sir during 7aam Arivu". Anand says that though he went to New York, right from his childhood he is a big fan of Rajinikanth, Goundamani and Shankar that their films are his initial attraction to cinema.

Talking about his guru Murugadoss, the director says : "Working with Murugadoss sir was a great experience. He actually thought me how to stay focussed and taught as the trick of writing screenplay suiting the taste of audiences. He always tells us that films should be made on the audience's point of view that one should sit on their chairs while making films".

For Iru Mugan, Anand has waited for more than two years. Generally any hit film director would deliver his second film as soon as possible because audiences would easily forget names in the industry. "True, but for me each and every film should be one step higher. I made Arima Nambi only to prove that actors and producers should recognize that I'm capable of making a film. But that doesn't mean I should only make films like Arima Nambi, Iru Mugan is a big budget film and I feel that the two years of wait is worth considering the output we have now".

After watching Anand's Arima Nambi, Vikram had called him to enquire whether he has an interesting script. "I had the basic idea of Iru Mugan as Vikram sir liked it, started working on the script and he loved the structure. Guess I had the unsettling passion back then and without that, wouldn't have written the script in just two months and completed the shoot of such a big-canvas film in 85 days".

The director adds "People don't get much excited when they watch Vikram sir in an ordinary role, they want him to experiment and do something different. We have definitely tried an unique concept thinking that our audiences will embrace it and we will know the result tomorrow(smiles)". 

Talking about Nayanthara, Anand says "Even while writing the script of Iru Mugan, I had Nayanthara on my mind because the character demands her popularity, performance and attitude. Unfortunately, due to production issues, we were looking for other options too but got her back when Shibu took over the project. Working with Nayanthara was an amazing experience, she loved the script and in fact worked as one of the assistant directors in the film that she rarely went inside her caravan".

"On the other hand, Nithya Menon is a wonderful performer that she has great script knowledge and gives what exactly needed for the script. I would say a director is very lucky when he gets an actress like Nithya because she can elevate the scene just by reading the script and makes things easy for us", the director adds.

Apart from Vikram with whom Anand would love to do one more film, he also shares a close rapport with Vijay. So a project with Vijay on cards? "Vijay sir is a sweet person. As you said, we share a close rapport that when I get the right script, he would oblige to sit for a narration. Hopefully after Iru Mugan, would start working on my next and  it should be bigger" signs off Anand Shankar.

-Rajasekar S