Ananda Thandavam

Ananda Thandavam


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 10 April 2009

Movie Title

Ananda Thandavam


Gandhi Krishna

Star Cast

Siddharth, Tamannaah, Rishi, Kitty

With an evocative title like Ananda Thandavam, one would have thought that it would have a tangy flavour. But strangely Gandhi Krishna?s love story based on late Sujatha?s story lacks conviction and is totally outdated for today?s generation next audiences.

The story opens with the hero Reghupathy (Siddharth) trying to commit suicide by jumping into a waterfall. As the story unfolds, somewhere in the scenic lush green Ambasamudram area near Tenkasi, we are told that it?s case of love failure.

Reghu, son of a supervisor Govindraj (Kitty) falls in love with his dad?s boss, the Chief Engineer at the local dam Gopinath?s daughter Madhumita (Tamannaah), a spoiled brat who along with her younger brother is always playing pranks on others.

Gopinath and wife readily agree to get Reghu engaged to their only daughter, though Govindraj is suspicious about their motives. He suspects that there is something basically wrong with the girl, which leads to a rift between the father and son.

Govindraj is right in his perceptions, as Gopinath convinces his daughter to marry the slime ball Radhakrishnan (Rishi) because ?he is working in Mackintosh in New York, a US citizen and a million dollar tax payee!? So, the heartbroken hero taken for a sucker ride by the girl and her parents tries to commit suicide but is saved.

Post interval spurred and encouraged by his father, Reghu goes to New York for higher studies and to become bigger in life than the girl who spurned him. However our hero once again flips for her the moment he sees her in New York and the old romance is rekindled.

To add more confusion, there is a US born girl Ratna (Rukmini) who hates the American culture, and wants to come back to India and settle down with our simpleton Reghu! All this leads to one of the dumbest climax in recent times, that you may have seen in a 70?s or 80?s film.

It?s an uninspiring love story, the lead pair is wide-eyed, affected and corny and they seem to be perfecting the art of hamming. The characterization of the heroine is contrived and confusing; at times you feel she has a psychiatric problem, at other times she behaves childishly like a spoiled brat, and throughout she is irritating and in your face.

The hero falling in love has not been worked out, the so called twists and turns in the love story falls flat and is unconvincing, nothing tugs at your heart strings. Rishi is promising but the wig he wears to get a bald patch, looks tacky!

The lead pair of new boy Siddharth and Tamannaah can do little to save the film, which may have worked some 25 years back. Kitty as Siddharth?s practical and loving father is the only silver lining in the film. Neither the cinematography (Jeeva Shankar) nor the music (G.V Prakash) is hot stuff. The song placements irritate you further, and the film needs urgent trimming (2 hours 40 minutes).

One wish Gandhi Krishna had whipped up a winsome more believable screenplay on the bitter-sweet nature of romance. All we end up with is some homily about old fashioned virtues of deep love. The film like the characters lacks the drive or motivation. Mercifully at the end of the film, the hero shouts out- ?Yes, I am an idiot!? Do we need to say more?

Verdict: Disappointing

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