Anandam review:A fun filled entertainer

Anandam review:A fun filled entertainer



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 23 October 2016

Movie Title

Anandam review:A fun filled entertainer


Ganesh Raj

Star Cast

Arun, Thomas, Roshan, Vishakh, Anu, Siddhi

Debutant director Ganesh Raj’s Anandam is essentially about an eventful trip that a class of engineering students go for, mixing pleasure, fun and some learning. It’s one of those Mills & Boon type popcorn flick for which the scale of enjoyment could be directly proportional to your age and state of mind.

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From the group of classmates who are in the bus, only a few gets attention or screen space here and the story is mainly revolving around the leader named Varun (Arun), love birds Gautham (Roshan) and Devika (Anu), the joker in the pack Kuppi (Vishakh) and Akshay (Thomas) who is smitten by the charming Diya (Siddhi). Then there are there teachers and the bus driver.

The gang reaches Hampi, where the students engage themselves with games like a Treasure Hunt for one. Then they all head to Goa to enjoy the birth of a New Year. In between some equations change, new bonds are created amidst confusions, celebration and some tensions.

In all fairness, the writer-director Ganesh Raj has competently packaged all the necessary ingredients here, which includes romance in plenty, heartbreaks, sentiments and of course smart cameos with dialogues and film clips from yesteryear hits.

Anend C Chandran’s visuals and Sachin Warrier’s youthful music adds to the effect in a big way.

The confidence with which the youngsters perform their roles is indeed amazing. Arun, who plays the leader of the class and arranges the trip to perfection, is perhaps the most impressive among the fresh faces but his role often gets sidelined in the quest for more romance. Vishakh Nair who plays Kuppi and Rony, who plays the strict teacher named Chacko, also shines well.

Anandam is for the young and also, for the young at heart. Get some snacks and enjoy this joyful trip.

Anandam review Verdict: A fun filled entertainer

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