Anannukku Jai review: Popcorn political entertainer

Anannukku Jai review: Popcorn political entertainer

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 01 September 2018

Movie Title

Anannukku Jai review: Popcorn political entertainer



Star Cast

Dinesh, Mahima, Radha Ravi, Dheena

Debutant director Rajkumar's Anannukku Jai is an enjoyable political satire on how an underdog rises to the top of the local political game.

Matta Shekar (Dinesh) is a carefree youngster who enjoys chasing his ladylove Sundari (Mahima) and roaming around his small town Mullai Nagar in Thiruvallur. Matta Shekar's dad (Mayilsamy) runs toddy business in Thiruvallur area but his junior Selva (Boxer Dheena) in the local political party turns out as his enemy. Using his influence, Selva shuts down the business of Shekar's dad. Now Shekar approaches senior politician (Radha Ravi) to get a powerful post for his dad but all his efforts go in vain.

Further, Shekar also goes to prison for assaulting Selva who goes unconscious. The prison life gives the much needed courage and a trick to overcome Shekar's fear that he slowly climbs up the success ladder in local politics. 

Annanukku Jai's biggest strength is its simplicity , nativity, earthy characters and petty politics. We have seen many rowdies who tasted success with their fake bravery and gimmicks, Dinesh sports one such character. The actor actually goes back to his Attakathi days and his character from the film is actually tweaked a bit for Anannukku Jai. The other local politicians Boxer Dheena and Radha Ravi too played their parts well. 

Director Rajkumar actually fills the screenplay with genuine funny one liners that we constantly laugh throughout the film. The romantic portions featuring Dinesh and Mahima are also enjoyable. Thankfully the love track does not affect the flow in any way. Another major advantage is that the runtime of the film which is less than two hours. 

Arrol Corelli's soundtrack perfectly suits for the local political theme and all the songs are in sync with the Thiruvallur nativity. The editing and cinematography department is on par with any big hero film. 

To conclude, Anannukku Jai is an enjoyable popcorn entertainer for this weekend. Go for it!

Anannukku Jai review:Verdict: Popcorn political entertainer 

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